Hokkaido Izakaya

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Currently my favourite japanese restaurant! ^_^

I actually went back the second time within the month, which is really rare for me.

Menu is not extensive but good enough, plus everything looks so good. Let's start!
Grilled scallop ($10) each

Huge juicy scallop with Hokkaido butter, super good! Expensive, yes. But I rather go for quality than quantity when I'm older.

This I picked up from a friend, who recommended to eat organic vege than normal one. Just eat less, but better food. Spending wise will be almost the same, since just have to cut the amount. Plus eat less, hopefully can shed some pounds ~ win win situation! =)
Japanese Omelette Mixed with Milk ($10) 

This was the reason that we came. It was fluffy and light but wasn't as milky as we expected. Good to try esp if you come in a big group. We shared among the 2 of us, so by the 3rd piece, the taste became kinda boring lor, still good though. 
Grilled Jap Pork Belly Marinated with Sake Lees Miso ($12) 

We totally fell in love with this, definitely a unique taste. You can taste a subtle sweet aroma of the sake less the spiciness of the alcohol. Pardon my words, DAMN nice.
Hot Soba with Kakiage & Prawn Tempura ($14)

You probably see a lot of this dish in the instagram. When I dont know what to order, I will look at the instagram to check out what's popular! Does anyone else do that? Heehee

I think this was quite passable lah although the kakiage was really crispy. It didnt become soggy mushy even when we soaked it in the soup. Coz I hate to eat soggy stuff, so this worked out fine. Just that I was expecting prawn but didnt really taste any... 

Sake Icecream ($5)

Super creamy!
Potato Salad ($9)

2nd visit!

$9 was not cheap for a bowl of potato, egg, cucumber, onion salad. All the ingredients seemed cheap, but it was potato from Hokkiado wor. Served warm and the staff will mix everything up in front of you. That explained the 'mess' in the photo. Nice to try once.
Cooked Salmon Roll 

Suppose to be cooked salmon roll, turned out to be aburi salmon roll. Again, the staff will torch the salmon slices in front of you, so it will be served warm with the cool avocardo. Nice contrast.

Cant rem when I last eat salmon sashimi, almost forgot how good it tasted. And the roe was just on point. 
Wagyu Beef Steak ($38)

Gosh so expensive for such a small portion, relatively. Then again, it was totally worth it. See that beautiful pink; it was cooked to perfection.

It suit both our liking; I prefer medium rare while hubby prefers medium cooked. It was just so good that I cant even describe. If you are willing to splurge, try this!


Venue: 95 Tg Pagar Road S(088516)
Contact: 6221 7118

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