Sunday Folks

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Sunday Folks is another dessert place by the same peeps from Creamier but because it's located in the Holland Village area which is not near where I work/stay, I have waited till now to try it out. 

It's located across Holland Village, in the not so crowded Chip Bee Gardens. Besides Sunday Folks, there are Italian & Thai restaurants that you can check out as well. =)
Price wise, it's definitely more atas than Creamier. However, they offer interesting toppings and sauces (at additional cost), which allow you to customize your own waffle ice-cream.
Instead of creamy ice-cream type, it's more of a soft serve or rather more icy texture. We had the pistachio icecream with gula melaka mochi, which cost $15.40 after taxes. The pastachio flavour was nice, my current addiction!
See, the waffles got 'holes' inside, so airy and fluffy and crispy on the outside ~ best combination. 

If you are in Holland Village but dislike the crowd, hop over to Chip Bee Gardens to try out the waffle icecream here! A nice treat esp in hot weather like now. Keke


Venue: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-52
Contact: 6479 9166

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