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Nestled in the middle of the Bishan Park, Cornerstone offers an escapade from the bustling town area. We went there on a late Sunday noon and there was not much of a crowd. It was a serene dining experience. In fact, I thought it makes a good site for a garden theme wedding, especially if you have animal friends in the gang! ^_^

Next, our orders!

Seafood Marinara - $28

Portion was decent with generous serving of succulent prawn, mussels and squid. It was really tasty and smelt so good when served piping hot. We really enjoyed it although the price was kinda steep given that it was a common dish found in many pasta places.
French Toast - $12

The french toast was really soft and nice, and who can resist such pretty presentation.  A light hearted brunch  for those with small appetite and a sweet tooth. =)
Black Forest Trifle - $13

At one look, I thought this was tiramisu, but it was more like a reconstructed black forest cake. Too much of mousse and cream and too sweet for my liking. Give me a black forest cake from a neighborhood confectionery anytime.


Venue: Bishan Park 2 (Besides Canopy)
Contact:6554 7230

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