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New kid on the block at Ang Mo Kio!

Since it's near to work place and home, we went on a friday evening. Reached there at before 6pm and only got our food at 8pm. Sobz

Okay food, but NAH.... I dont think it worth a 2 hour queue.  
The "Best of Both Worlds" - Fish & Chips with Salted Egg & Chili Crab sauce comes in limited quantity, so do check the remaining quantity before you join the queue. Otherwise, you can opt for single sauce which seems to come in more portions. 

One look at the menu reminds me of Aston, with its pricing and options. Oh, do note that the signature combo excludes option for Salted Egg & Chili Crab sauce. If you are like me, prefer a mix of fish and chicken to try out... sorry it's not an option assuming you are here to try the special sauce.
Since we dont take spicy food, we ordered the Salted Egg Fish & Chip and Hawaiian Chicken. The Salted Egg sauce was nice (what's not?) but the portion given was too little. I preferred to have the sauce in a separate container as a dipping sauce. The fish without the sauce was just.... normal.  The chicken was okay, but I wont say wow. 

Dont get me wrong, I think the food served was decent. Just like if I feel like having chargrill chicken chop, I will go Aston - affordable and efficient. 

Service was great; despite working in a hot environment with intense pressure from long queue of hungry customers, the staff still greeted you with a smile at the counter. I say, we should support the young hawkers for their courage to venture into this super competitive industry and surely we welcome more. Give them some time, I think they will manage better. Hopefully the next visit will be just 20 mins wait.  =)


Venue: 531 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 S(560531)

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Sage said...

My friend who's staying at AMK has been raving about this place!
Thanks for the review :))