Clinton St. Baking Company

12:58:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Back at Clinton, probably my fourth visit? Quite rare, as I seldom revisit the same cafe/restaurant unless I really like it and pricing is affordable. Keke
Wild Blueberry - $10

This shake was damn shiok! Many places serve melted ice cream, or worse, flavored milk and call them milkshakes, which is super off lor. It has been a long time since I found a place that really serve good milkshake! Definitely be back when I have craving for milkshake. =)

Chicken & Waffles - $21

Ordered my favorite, with additional side of fluffy scrambled eggs ($6). The chicken was rather small and dry this time round, kinda inconsistent from the last time I was here. *Shrugged*
Eggs Benedict - $20

Wanted to order crab cakes (recommended by a friend) and ended up making a wrong order. I'm never a fan of eggs benedict and those that we had here didnt manage to change my opinion. Why so many people like sour sauce on eggs? LOL

Anyway, with a longer opening hours, the crowd here seem to be manageable and what's more, Clinton allows reservations for dinner. Good news for those who hate to queue for food. Click here for my previous post to read more


Venue: 31 Purvis Street 
Contact: 6684 4845

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