The Boiler

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It was almost full house when we arrived without a reservation; so remember to make a reservation, especially if you are coming in a big group. Well, if there are only 2 pax, I guess it's easier to get a table bah. 
Menu from a long time ago... Lol

This is a very post dated entry, so most likely the pricing has changed ya?
We were given disposable aprons to put on to prevent  ourselves from getting dirty.
Similarly, our phones were also given a plastic wrap. A very thoughtful and smart gesture indeed! It means Instagram photo taking even though our hands would be dirty! Smart move!
We didnt have to wait long... here came our dinner in the least appealing presentation. LOL
Ta-da!!! We ordered the Duo Bag for 2 (came with 2 hot buns) and an additional order of boston lobster.
Boiler Duo Bag (BDB) - $52

The BDB consisted of 8 big prawns, 2 corns, sausages and lotza of mussels and clams. Not really a big fan of mussels and clams, but the garlic butter sauce was great so we polished everything in the bag! But hor, we got a bit sick of the mussels and clams at the end, not really a fan lah.
Live Boston Lobster - $55

So shiok to eat a whole lobster but the price was really hefty. Can try once in a blue blue blue..... blue moon, you know what I mean lah...  
Chocolate Molten Lave - $10.90

We were not quite full after the seafood and so we ordered a dessert. I think can skip this bah, not very impressive.

Overall, I think it was a pricey dinner but you just have to try once if you havent had before!


Venue: 18 Howard Road, #01-16 Novelty Bizenter S(369585)
Contact: 6635 1285

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