Home Picture (Part 2)

10:06:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Pictures of my common room/study room..

Nothing fanciful here and yes, NO Hello Kitty. LOL. Both table and bookcase from IKEA.

And I noticed that the bookcase is designed to accomodate the timber skirting, dun expect that thoughtfulness from IKEA.  The almost full height bookcase cost me $199 only, while my full height Hello Kitty cabinet cost me close to $1k. Seriously I'm not expecting a lot from IKEA and so, I'm pretty impressed. 

Will have another sofa bed from IKEA (courtesy of my tenant) and then this room will be filled up and become super small... LOL

Gonna buy some plants later on for my balcony and then I will take pictures of my super long (& useless) balcony.  Hope I can find those Xmas red leave plants, no longer selling at IKEA. SOB >.<  The red leave plants look much nicer and will blend in for CNY ma, at least I think they are much nicer than pussy willows lah... =p

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