The Ship at Nex

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Venue: Nex, 23 Serangoon Central,
#01-61/62 S556083
Contact:  6834 3833

Spent my Xmas eve with family dinner at The Ship. My first time here even though it has anchored in Nex for quite a while liao. 
This place really lives up to its name - with the port hole "windows", floats, dangling lamps etc

We had a choice between the Xmas Eve Set Menu & Lobster Promotion. Most of us took the Lobster Promotion menu as it seemed to be more worthwhile, having both a meat item and 1/2 lobster as the main. But I "forced" my hubby to take the Christmas Menu coz I wanted to try the turkey meat. Keke
 Prawn Bisque

Both the menu offered the same choice of soups and dessert, so I really think the Lobster Promotion menu really better.  Hey, personal view.

My prawn bisque was really "gao", totally "toxic", must had added lotza lotza prawn heads to brew.  On the contrary, the crabmeat & corn soup was more of the creamy type.

We ordered extra serving of half dozen escargots for sharing. Loved the heaps of garlic!
Christmas Combination

Presentation was not fantasy but this dish was great for lazy peeps or kids. The meat were all sliced up nicely, just poked with your fork. Taste wise, really passable. Heng, my order was 1/2 lobster plus steak. =p
 1/2 Lobster with Lamb

My Papa's order, me no like lamb, so no comment.
1/2 Lobster with Steak

Me, sis & mum all ordered this, just with different doneness of the steak. Mine as usual was medium RARE, coz I believe that medium done will be perfectly done by the time the dish is served.  The steak was tender with just the right pinkness, hubby said it was good too! Coz otherwise he find medium rare "too bloody" to consume, which everytime I need to explain that the red juice was not blood la. 

Lobster was meaty with a firm texture. Was pleasantly surprised by the portion of the main. Com'on, to pay $50 (after all taxes) on a Xmas eve was crazy, in a good way.  

I'm brainwashed totally by the marketing during Xmas and the inflation and I truly  think $50 for a meal on a Xmas eve was cheap.*Palm face*
Sticky Date Pudding

Ended off dinner with a warm & sweet, yet not deadly sweet, dessert, unusual indeed. 

After a good meal, we ended off with NTUC grocery shopping ( I know... so "auntie", but no choice my house no oil, no soya sauce, no rice...), and then gift exchange and scrabble game at home! Who said that Xmas eve needed to be spent partying, a home event can be as blissful and enjoyable! =)

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