A long long way home......

11:05:00 PM Ashley Tok 2 Comments

Today I did 2 stoopid things....

First, I wanted to take MRT to Yishun from Sembawang. Instead, I boarded the train in the other direction (i.e. to Admiralty). *Palm face* 

Nevermind, I quickly alighted from the train and ran across the platform to board the other direction train. 

Second, I wanted to take bus from Yishun Interchange to Sengkang Interchange. I kept thinking it was Bus No 854. Just when I boarded the train, I saw the board stating "Bedok". Something amiss, so I quickly checked Bus No 854's route. OMG, it was really going to Bedok and I just recalled I should be taking Bus No 956. *Palm face again!*

But it will be too "throw face" if I alighted from the bus at the first bus stop, so I die die must find another bus stop to alight. Heng ar, I found out that I can board another the bus toward Sengkang at the bus stop along YCK road. 

Anyway, because of my blur-ness, I found a new route to go from Yishun to Sengkang! A blessing in disguise! ^_^

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That is the spirit to live by - turn mistakes into (learning) opportunities :)

Ashley Tok said...

Yes Reetesh,we all learn from mistakes! =)