Upcoming activities.... ^_^ (V)

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I'm going for another press invite/ food review, ah whatever, in mid April. Yeah, more FREE food to come! But really, it's the privilege of being selected to attend the event rather than the food itself that excites me! 

More chance to meet other bloggers/food reviewers! It's fun to eat with other bloggers/food reviewers as it's such a norm to snap at the food and position the dishes in 101 ways just to make sure the pictures turn out appetizing! And it's quite cool when the owner/chef chit chat & share their story with you. Something you probably cant experience if you are just there as a normal patrons. =)

Ok, the real excitement now.....

I'm going to Taipei in a month time! 

Yeah, its a last minute decision to tag along with hubby's business trip. If nothing goes wrong (cross fingers), I will monitor the price and book my ticket to Taipei in a few days time.

Updates: Ticket booked! SQ Flight at a discounted rate of $584.10 (tax inclusive) + $36 (travel insurance, optional)

It's a steal, I must say! The last time I travelled to Taipei using budget airline and I paid almost the same rate. This time got meal on plane somemore. Did I mention that I kinda like plane meal (飞机餐)? ^_^

Look out for my Taipei EAT (80%) & SHOP (20%) itinerary!

People, I really need comments on where to go eat/do in Taipei!!

Since this is not my first trip there, I will skip the typical tourist spots like Yang Ming Shan, Taipei 101. But else can I do ar? Any activities to do in Taipei? 

As hubby will be going Taichung for 2 days, I will be spending 2 days on my own. It's kinda exciting to travel alone! 

I've never travel myself, I mean I took planes on my own before but not really tour a country on my own. Coincidentally, I have another friend so happen going to stopover Taipei during those days (lucky or what?), so I will arrange to meet up to go shopping and meals together. 

This time round, I will go to Ni Xie Night Market (宁夏夜市) and spend like a day at Wu Fen Pu! Coz my last trip to Taipei was like mad rush! Haha

Feeling so blissful & lucky now!

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