The Coffee Daily

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Venue: 75 Brighton Crescent
Contact: 6284 8894

It was a nice Wednesday noon, hubby was working from home and I had no appointment and so we went for brunch date!

It felt good to go dating on a "by right working day", when everyone else was busy at work and we seemed to have all the time in the world. Keke

More pictures in the cafe....

I really like the retro setting in TCD. Coffee places with a theme is worth visiting. 

You can appreciate the efforts to piece everything together from the traditional red/blue/white chair to the small little old radio.

Hmm, if I'm to start a new cafe... I want to piece every happy things together e.g. the little pony, rainbow, care bears and of coz, my first 'love' Hello Kitty. Will probably looks like a toy house. Haha
Nostalgic biscuits (Free flow) - compliments of TCD
We bought the breakfast sets which came with coffee/tea. Alternatively, you can top up the difference to select your choice of drinks, like us. 
I love to take such a top down shot, it looks sleek and at one glance, capture everything on the table. However, it's always difficult to capture such a shot without your own body shadow been captured in the picture as well. Grrr... any tips?
Regular Set: Roasted Chicken Slices and Cheese + Americano ($12)

My order! I liked that the green salad came with cranberries and sweet tomato. The chicken was nicely roasted with toasted ciabatta. A simple yet satisfying plate. 
Premium Set: Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs + Americano ($16.50)

Hubby's order. On the contrary, the salmon sandwich was just passable, with a very thin slice of salmon. Nai, I'm not a fan of smoked salmon anyway. But I really think my order was more worthwhile. Keke
Highlight of the day: Rainbow cake!
Somewhere over the Rainbow ($10)

Whoever invented rainbow cake is a genius. It's just a normal butter cake with 7 colourings but we gals will just go goo goo over it. Well, I'm not exception. 

It was kinda pricy for just a slice of cake. Thinking aloud, I suppose rainbow cake is expensive because of the additional effort to do it. It's easy to do 1 butter cake, imagine you have to do 7 of them with different colours obviously. 

And hor, it looked so pretty in picture and any food that looks good must order lah. There's no question about it. *Affirmation nod* =p

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