DIY Waffles

7:28:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

I made waffles!
First attempt 

Forgot to preheat the waffles maker, and ended up with slightly burnt waffles. But I thought they looked nicer. Keke

Second attempt 

Second attempt was much better!

I'm using this recipe from which was really easy to follow. Just that I used the wrong conversion to convert the vegetable oil to grams, ended with waffles which smelt a bit of vegetable oil. Seems a bit gross, but my niece loved it! LOL

I'm using Tefal Waffle Maker, which is pretty easy to use. There's a green indicator which will lit up when preheating or your waffles are ready, quite idiot proof! 

But hor, hard to wash, especially when the batter overflowed to the little holes here and there. Wonder whether there's a smarter and faster way to clean this "gadget". Please share if you know! 

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