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Venue: 3 Pickering Street #01-31 Nankin Row
Contact: 6438 7961 


On a random night, we decided to pop by Platypus to try our luck in getting a seat, since we did not manage to make the reservation online.  Here, they can only accommodate 40 seats per night and so, it's recommended to make 2 - 3 days advance booking. 

At 6pm on a friday night, we were able to get a seat for 2 just by walking in. That's the advantage of knocking off earlier! ^_^
Crustacean Starter Bowl - $19

This was recommended by the  staff and it was awesome!! Everytime I mentioned awesome, that Lego's song will somehow come to the mind; super contagious lor.... Oops, digress.

The starter bowl is made up of uni creme, butter-poached lobster, Japonica rice, honey ponzu, caviar, char-grilled cheddar cheese, sesame, chervil. Very flavorful texture and such a beautiful presentation, how can you not be tempted?

We almost wanted to lick the bowl if we were not in public area lor... >.<

Comes as starter or main course, which I will recommend to take the former so that you can still eat the lobster roll lah. 
Lobster Roll - $19
Set with chips & salad - $22

We ordered the Traditional Set and The Modern, which looked like identical twins. That's explained the solo lobster roll photo. For more variety, click here to browse.

Taste wise, we cant really differentiate the two, but both were good to satisfy the lobster craving. And what's more, $19 instead of the freaking $48 at most places, which I will save for other posts. It is brainless to make the conclusion that this is value-for-money.  Even Swensen's lobster roll is selling at $16.50 which was not very nice to mention. You just need to top up a few dollars for a decent one here. I will definitely revisit here when my lobster craving itches. 
Oh yeah, they toasted the bread, so soft at the top and crispy on the bottom, I like!

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