Pince & Pints

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Venue: 32-33 Duxton Road
Contact: 6225 7558


Since I'm at the topic of lobster roll, let's continue to roll with another lobster post! (^_^) (V)

I wanted to visit Pince & Pints since its opening; there were so many blog posts and Instagram pictures raving about it! And finally, I seized the opportunity to "ka-doh" my hubby to give me a treat on my birthday which was 2 months ago. 

No reservations allowed and my hubby was there earlier to queue slightly before 6pm (dinner time starts at 5pm on weekday). He couldn't go in and chop a seat first as the staff only allow entering when everyone was present. I reached at about 615pm and still we got to wait till close to 7pm before we managed to get a table. 

I reckon best to come either very early or very late, otherwise be prepared to wait. I will love to bring my parents but the wait sure can kill. It was pretty hot & tiring to stand at the corridor while waiting for a table lor.... Hopefully by now, either the restaurant has expanded to a bigger seating area or the crowd has became more manageable? 
A glass of Sangria to kill the boredom while waiting for the table =)
Menu is simple - Lobster of coz! 3 varieties all at $48++
The Lobster Roll

Unlike Platypus, the bread here was served soft. Both I like! Anyway the main lead is the LOBSTER! Super meaty lobster, shelled and stuffed into the bread. Great for ladies, and even guys, who dont want to get their hands dirty. Completed with fat fries and salad. 
Live Whole Lobster

Choose between grilled and steamed, and I chosen the former. One word -> shiok!

The feeling of eating lobster in chunks, and I meant, big chunks was simply shiok. And you felt so blissful that after eating so much, there was still so much remaining...  ^____________^ Big grin literally.

We were seriously toying the idea of ordering the Chili Lobster, since we queued so long and I'm sucker for fried mantou. But decided not to since hubby had already bought cakes from the nearby Flor, and I "worried" that other diners will think we were gluttons.... #thinktoomuch 

Oh well, next time I shall order steamed whole lobster and chili lobster!
My "bdae" cakes to end the post! Flor, my favourite patisserie anytime!

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