Food Tasting: Ramen Isshi

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Venue: One Raffles Place, #04-29
Contact: 6438 1350

I'm back from Taiwan! Unknowingly, I had signed up for a food trip, and so we had been eating non-stop; really too much food! And guess what, the first thing that I did after I touched down Singapore was to attend a food tasting session. *Palm face* But food was good, so no complains! Thanks to OpenRice invite!

Ramen Isshi is conveniently located at One Raffles Place, next to Raffles Place MRT. In fact, I have been going to ORP for lunch, but have never known its existence as it is located at the far end on the 4th floor. After reading this post, do make an effort to visit Ramen Isshi ok? 

The restaurant is chi-na decorated and for a moment. I thought I had walked into a Chinese restaurant. As explained by our host, Nick Yen, this is a true blue authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant with element of Chinese influence. What makes it even special is that the noodles, baos and gyozas are all freshly made in their own kitchen to ensure freshness and quality. Enuff said, let's tuck in!

10 course lunch, felt so pampered! =)
Started the lunch with Lemon Yellow Juice which is a concoction of soursop & pineapple. A very refreshing shot to clear our palate.
More coloured juice, soy and smoothies selection to choose from the menu.
 Tofu with Century Egg - $8

Soft and smooth tofu with chinese sesame oil rather than the usual japanese sesame sauce.
Next, we were served with Yellow Soy which is basically soy mixed with passion fruit & mango. It tasted almost like smoothie but somehow lighter. The difference between Soy & Smoothie is that banana will be added for the latter, which gives a thicker texture.
Carrot Cake with Saffron - $8

This is definitely very different from the usual squarish carrot cake; similar ingredients are reconstructed to add new life to this dish. Instead of wheat flour, japanese rich flour is used and so it tasted almost like savory mochi with carrots bits and the oh-so-familiar xo sauce. 
Chicken Wings Fritto - $6

Fried chicken mid wings. sliced into halves to make it easier to eat, soaked in soya sauce. Unanimously agreed a finger linking good side dish!
Tuna Sashimi & Avocado Salad Asian Style - $12

A pretty dish and so deserved 2 pictures at least! We were suppose to wrap the egg yolk, tuna sashimi and avocado with the seaweed and dip with the sesame sauce. But beware of the tiny red bits, they are sezhuan pepper!
Homemade Kua Bao in Assorted Flavours - $8

There are 6 flavours namely tumeric (dark yellow), beetroot (red), macha (green), prune (yellow), sesame (black) and original (white).  The colour/flavour will be decided by the chef to add a surprise element for the diners. But hor, the original ones a bit plain lah so must dip with the peking duck sauce. 
Homemade Pan-Fried Gyoza - $5

Lightly pan fried on the bottom to give the crispiness and steamed on top to retain the goodness of the meat filling. All time favourite.

Ramen making demonstration 

Finally, our main course!

 Tonkotsu Shiro Ramen - $12
 Tonkotsu Kuro Ramen - $13
Tonkotsu Aka Ramen - $13

All the ramen soup based are pork based, with slight variation to cater to the different preference. I personally like the original pork based (Shiro) which was favorable yet light. For those who prefer a stronger taste, Kuro, with added sesame oil, shallot and garlic may be more suitable.

Aka came with added seafood broth with a spicy kick. Too spicy for my liking, but the seafood broth was very distinct which reminded me of the prawn soup. 
 To make us even more happy =p, we were also served fruit flavoured makgeolli.

 Strawberry Makgeolli
                                                                       Pineapple Makgeolli

We adored the Makgeolli and the host generously offered us another serving, this time round, pineapple. But I still prefer the strawberry one la...keke
Almond Jelly with Framboise - $5

Layers of almond, raspberry and passionfruit to complete our sumptuous lunch!
Lunch special is offered here, which includes ramen + free flow of salad bar. This is really a good idea, especially for ladies who like to have a balanced meal.
Ramen Isshi also provides delivery and currently they have this promotion which includes the container, warmer bag and of course ramen at S$25!
The ramen will be delivered in these colourful container to preserve the taste as much as possible. In fact, the recipe for the ramen will be adjusted for delivery so that it will be just right when consume later(best consumed within 10 minutes).  Very thoughtful indeed! =)

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