Taiwan Family Trip

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Just came back from Taipei. For this trip, I signed up a package tour with Dynasty Agency all because of ..... Eva Hello Kitty plane. Aiya no lah, it was a family trip of 8 pax, travelling with agency would be more convenient mah.... #excuses 

Normally, this Eva HK plane only goes to China, Korea, Japan, HK & Paris from Taipei, so how can I miss the chance to take this plane from Singapore!  But then I had to sign up with a travel agency as this was a chartered arrangement with some of the travel agencies in Singapore. I still prefer to plan my own lah, so I intentionally chosen an itinerary that came with 2 days F&E. =)

Most of the 'accessories' were HK themed and the safety guidelines video was animated one! First time I paid attention to the video lor.... Heehee

However, I felt that the plane itself was still not cute/not pink enough leh. And it was such a pity that I cant really take a good shot of the plane exterior as both to and fro flights were at night... =(
The Easterjet that I took to Jeju was cuter actually, with all the cartoons on the walls and ceiling. Imagine the Eva HK plane is pastel coloured theme, with pictures of the Sanrio family all over the plane... cutsey overload!

We paid extra $300 per pax to upgrade to Business Class. This is probably the 'cheapest' Business Class. Food wise is the same as Economy Class but you get a bigger seat which you can literally lie flat, great for our night flight!
The kid's meal was served in this bow shaped container, which was so kawaii. On the contrary, adult's meal was normal except that the utensil were HK themed, and obviously I took home lah. =p


My itinerary was unknowing a food trip, so probably 70% was eating and visiting food making venues. I think the trip shouldnt be called 'Yummy Trip', it should be renamed as 'Gain Weight Trip' lor!
Local breakfast at Yong He

I quite liked this prata alike wrap with you tiao, coz it was less oily than the other version with egg omelette. Then again, it was quite dry to finish one by myself, recommend to share!
Release of Sky Lantern at Ping Xi

There are only 3 sites in Taipei to release the sky lantern, namely Shi Fen, Ping Xi & 'one more I forget where'. Basically they are just locations along the railway track.

This is the time when you put your Chinese writing into good use as you will write some blessings on the lantern before you release it into the sky. Oh well, I can only write those simple CNY greetings, which made me wonder how I got my 'A' for Chinese. I think I must have really scored well in my composition with my wild imagination! *proud*
Yummy Black Pork Sausage at Ping Xi
Jiufen Old Street

My 'must-eat' two items at Jiufen - herbal beef noodles and beancurd located near the entrance. Still good but I thought they tasted better last time.
Pancake with Yam Icecream
Icecream with Peanut Shaving + Parsley

This current trip to Jiufen was not as pleasant. Overall, it was too packed and it felt too commercialized, losing the touch of a traditional old street. 
Feng Jia Night Market  at Taichung
Grilled Squid
Grilled Prawn
German Pork Knuckle + Egg Cake
Taiwanese Sausage Wrap in Glutinous Rice

My favourite was the sausage wrap and grilled prawns. The sausage wrap was recommended by the agency and was really good, came with juicy sausage and prickles. The grilled prawns were so crispy that I ate the shell as well; that's why it is called 'Lazy Prawn' in chinese, very addictive so go for the big pack!
 Sun Moon Lake / Wen Wu Temple / Peacock Garden  at Taichung
Marty's Shrine at Taipei
Fisherman's Wharf at Taipei

My second time here, and both time were raining! Can never take a proper photo here.... @#$%@
Keelung Night Market

Ding Bian Cuo, Tempura & Nutritious Sandwich recommended by the agency. The sandwich was made up of fried bread with mayo and marinated egg (akin those served with roasted duck rice), fusion leh.. not bad for something different. If you keen to try, look for stall number 58. The good thing about Keelung Night Market is that, it's very organized with stall number which makes revisiting certain stall easier. =)
 Yehliu Geopark
 Agrioz Candied Fruit Museum
Kuchen Kennwort Museum

We were brought to this museum to have free flow of cake sampling.... *Heaven*. We really ate like nobody business. Keke

Not sure where to buy this baumkuchen cake other than the factory itself which seems quite ulu. The owner started his business by making cakes on behalf of hotels, bakeries so he couldnt be a direct competition with his clients lor. Anyway, do drop me a note if you know a more convenient place to get this!

We bought 4 rolls and we finished 3 rolls like in a week, just me and hubby. #sogreedy
Hello Kitty Cafe

Read here to find directions in my earlier F&E trip.
Dazzling Pink Cafe
Location: 106, Taiwan, Taipei City, Daan District, 忠孝東路四段205巷7弄11號
MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station Exit 2
Me back for more honey toast! I just went to Dazzling Cafe Sunshine in May.  Both branches sell almost similiar items in the menu, with probably just a few items unique to that particular outlet, like my drink below. Order this if you are visiting the pink outlet!

Addiction Aquatic Development  上引水產
No. 18, Alley 2, Ln 410, Minzu E Rd
Cash payment only

How can I miss seafood in Taiwan? =p

Since we were going with parents, we opted for a more comfortable ambiance at 上引水產. The place resembles parsabelle concept selling fresh seafood, takeaway bento and a few restaurants etc.

It's not conveniently located, so taking cab is recommended. Well, our taxi driver also got lost a bit lor. The place is huge but a pity we didnt have enough time to explore the whole area, just the lunch itself we spent close to 2 hours. So if you can afford, do cater more time to explore the area and please bring more cash as payment by cash only.

After some confusion (we didnt know how and where to order food), we were guided by one of the staff to this restaurant. If you are as confused as we were, try look for a staff to assist you!

Our sumptuous seafood lunch as about S$57 per pax, very worthwhile! Not to mention, the service is impeccable. Very enjoyable dining experience here. =)

As you can see, we did nothing much except to eat, eat and more eat.... Time to diet! 
Ending here with Hello Kitty at Taipei International Airport!

Merry Christmas and have a blessed holidays!

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