Merry Xmas to all!

3:22:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Ho Ho Ho! It's Christmas time again! My favorite time of the year, filled with good food & holiday spirits! Hope you accomplish all you want in 2014 and well, if you haven't, there's always next year! LOL

Me bought tickets from Qoolo to visit Garden By The Bay with family. It costs $16.90 (adult fare) to visit both Cloud Dome & Flower Dome, slightly cheaper compared to buying from the official website. =)

Cloud Dome

The whole place was really dark at night, cant really see the flowers and plants clearly. These are the few pictures that turned out okay after editing. =(
 Flower Dome

On the contrary, we were more excited at Flower Dome with all the christmas lightings and decorations. If you have nothing to do this christmas, why not visit the Flower Dome? 

Okay guys, I'm going to prepare to go for my meatless dinner! More about it next time!

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