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I'm back from Korea this week AND we went back to work the next day, even though we slept at 3plus am. Crazy or not?

Before I start sharing my another so-packed-so-not achievable itinerary (including myself =p), I will share about my first airbnb experience. Overall, good and bad. *Shrugged*

Da...da, 'our house' for my trip in Korea. Pretty big room with 2 queen size beds, a mini kitchenette and washing facilities.

I booked the studio apartment near the Seoul station this time around, since it will be accessible to both Incheon International Airport and Korail.

Some pros and cons of choosing airbnb for your accommodation:

- You basically have a local Korean who can help you to make booking that requires someone to speak or read Korean, or simply to do translation. It had been a great help as we wanted to go to Seoul's more rural area to do strawberry picking and there was little information in English in the Internet. My host had been responding promptly to all our queries. 

- You pretend to live like a local since your neighbors are probably mostly the locals.

- You can cook your meals (save some money) and do your laundry ( pack light), assuming you have booked a place that comes with kitchen and washing facilities.

- Price is probably cheaper than a hotel stay unless you have opted for special accommodation such as a tree house, a castle.

- You dont really have the exact location until you have make the reservation. In our case, I only checked to make sure that there is escalator or lift at Seoul Station so that we didnt have to lug our luggages, and I was told that the apartment is just 10mins walk away. And so, I went ahead to make the reservation, which after that the host sent more details of the location, house rules etc. It was only then I realized we got to cross an overhead bridge in order to reach the apartment which was really a turn-off.

- Obviously you wont have daily breakfast and make up room services.

- Security issues. We didnt get to see our host at all; we were given a pin number for the main door access. We wondered, was the pin number changed everytime there was a new tenant? Seriously, we had no idea but we made sure we latched the door every time and not leave any valuable items in the apartment when we went out. 
Overall, I cant really decide which is better. It probably depends on the country that you are going. If I'm going to visit Korea again, I will most likely opt for a hotel stay near Myeondong where shopping and food is so accessible. However, if I'm going to Europe, I may opt for airbnb for a farm stay or a castle stay for the unique experience. =)

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