Korea 2015 - Dongdaemum

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If you love shopping, you definitely wont miss out Dongdaemun, a commercial district comprising of traditional markets and shopping malls.

Subway: Dongdaemum History & Culture Park, Exit 14
Direction: The exit will lead to Goodmorning City basement. The rest of the malls, APM, Migliore and Doota are lined up side by side along the main road.

Personally, I only like APM and Migliore. Goodmorning City looks like an abandoned mall, so other than cutting through it to go to the other malls, dont bother to spend time there. LOL

Both APM and Migliore are huge, basement are usually for shoes; level 1 - 3 are for woman fashion, male fashion are level 4 & 5 ( I think, didnt go beyond level 4). Prices can be 'negotiated', will be cheaper than the price tags, so dont be 'intimidated'! 

Doota is more upscaled, but there's a Line pop-up store if you are a fan of Line characters! In fact, I saw the store at both Everland and Garosugil. Looks like the Korean adore Line characters. Hee.

There's a food street just behind the shopping malls. We saw this dumpling shop with a queue and so we decided to try it! Bought the Bukchon chopped noodles (6000 won) and the dumpling assortment (8000won). The noodle soup was a tad spicy but manageable even though it looked totally 'harmless'. As for dumplings, we preferred the fried one, tasted better especially with the crispy skin.  

Klive (K-Pop Hologram Performance Hall)
Subway: Dongdaemum History & Culture Park, Exit 11 or 12
Direction: Located on floors 9 and 10 of Lotte Shopping Mall
View at Level 9 of Lotte Mall

We also watched a hologram concert while we were here at Dongaemun. Bought the tickets online which will be 20% cheaper. There are 3 timings, 1pm, 7pm & 8pm. If you want to watch all the shows, i.e. (PSY+2NE1+Bigbang - 30mins) and G Dragon (40mins), choose the options 7pm or 8pm. However, as the last show for (PSY+2NE1+Bigbang) is 5pm, you have to reach here by 5pm for the first show and then come back at 7/8pm for the G Dragon show. For more information, you can visit the official website or check with KTO. 

Hologram is a digital concert where you can experience the K pop stars performing in front of you really up close . Quite interesting, since this was my first time watching such a concert. But then, digital shows will never replace a real concert, lack the interaction mah...

While you are in this area, consider to include

- Gwangjang Market
-  Cheongyeheon River

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