Korea 2015 - Yangpyeong / Jongno

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We were going to the 'countryside' of Seoul to do strawberry picking! Was looking very forward to it! And because of the strawberry picking, I needed to make rearrangement of the itinerary a few times, and can only finalised the details at the very last minute, which is totally not my style lah. But dont worry, I've got the name card of the farm that I went, which should help those who are keen to go on their own as currently, there is not a lot of information online, or not in english.

I'm quite OCD when it comes to itinerary planning; will check and double check to make sure no waste of time by more efficient travelling around, all my tickets are booked on the right dates etc. And I probably cant tahan if I dont have an itinerary planned for my trips. Having said that, I would change the itinerary on a daily basis, coz too 'ambitious' so will need to sacrifice some items.. very old liao, cannot chiong like last time. Keke

Starting the day with a good ginseng chicken!

Koryeo Samgyetang (고려삼계탕) 
Address: Seoul, Jung-gu, Seosomun-dong 55-3
Subway: Cityhall, Exit 10
Direction: Go straight for about 100m. It is located at the first alleyway on the right.

Koryeo is supposed to be a local favourite, serving piping hot ginseng chicken soup made of young chicken and quality ginseng since 1960s.  Oh well, but the restaurant setting is too 'commercialized' for our liking. I was expecting those setting similar as Tosochon, akin traditional korean houses, got more feel mah.

Put aside the modern setting, the ginseng chicken was really fragrance. We ordered the Chicken Broth with Ginseng, which was 15000 won. If you feel richer, try the one with Wild Ginseng or just top up with Abalone! And hor, there was so much glutinous rice in the pot, until we couldn't finish it. 

If it's your first time in Seoul, I will still recommend Tosochon for its instagram worthy setting. If you want to avoid the long queue and wants an alternative, perhaps you can give Koryeo a trip. =)

Next we begun our > 1.5 hours trip to Yangpyeong via the subway and rail. 
Welcome to the world of super complex Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map! It's made up of the metro Line 1 to Line 9 as well as the rail line such as Jungang Line, Ever Line etc.

The frequency of the metro Line 1 to Line 9 is usually very fast, a few minutes apart for each trains. However, the interval for the rail line is longer, which could be 20 - 30 minutes apart. 

To go to Yangpyeong farms, we took the metro and ultimately transferred to Jungang Line to Yangsu station. The whole travelling took about 1.5 hours ( we boarded the train from City Hall station) but the whole journey took about 2 hours to include waiting time for Jungang Line. Use the Korea Subway app to help to plan your route. =)

From Yangsu station, we took a cab (about 3000 won) by showing the korean address of the farm arranged by my airbnb host to the driver. But hor, the driver still dropped us at the wrong place. Luckily, we managed to find a korean lady who knew a little english and directed us to walk to the farm which fortunately not too far away. Double lucky!

We didnt manage to find the farm arranged by my host. But hor, there are a few strawberry farms which I guess should be more or less similiar.  We asked the price which was 15000 won for a big box or 10000 won for a smaller size. We chose the box size we wanted and then we were good to go!
Super big and red strawberries! Smelt so nice!
The farm does not use pesticides and you can totally pluck the strawberry and eat! So shiok!
 This is the farm address that we went, if you are keen!

Next, we hopped on to Jungang Line and travelled further down to Yongmun station for the rail bike. I was thinking since we travelled so far away from Seoul liao, might as well right? Keke
Pictures taken at Yongmun station. I always thought tourists are so silly to take pictures in our MRT and I was doing the same thing in Korea. *Palm face*

But..but, this train station really looked pretty leh....
Direction:  Exit 1 - walk on Yongmunyeok-gil (road) until you reach the stream. The rail bike station is just across the stream. About 10mins walk.
Ok, let me 'translate' the board. Basically, the first column shows the schedule of the rail bike; 2nd column shows the price, which are 2 pax : 25000 won; 4 pax: 32000 won and electric rail bike for 2 pax: 30,000 won.
Normal rail bike.
Kawaii electric bike.
We were allocated rail bike number 15.. alas, missed my favourite number '16' by 1 number! Humpt!
Finishing our first pack of strawberry while we cycled... I meant while my hubby cycled.  It was quite a scenic and easy cycle, so families with young kids can try too!
Into the tunnel.....
The light at the end of the tunnel...
There will be a stop point for toilet, ice-cream or coffee break before we u-turn back to the ticket counter.
The whole journey probably took about an hour? Depending on how fast your group though, since there is no way you can overtake lah...

By the time we were back to the city area, it was almost dinner time and we went to Gwangjang Market.

Gwangjang Market
Subway: Jongno 5(o)-ga, Exit 9
Direction: Gwangjang Market's main entrance will be right in front of you. Jeon Alley starts right at the entrance to the market.

The food zone is made up of North, South, East and West lane. Not very big, you can easily walk finish the 4 lanes before deciding what to have. Somemore, they are selling almost the same food which are the pancakes, gimbaps (seaweed rice), seafood, dumplings etc. 

I also bought my ginseng candies here, which was cheaper than the ones sold at the airport. =)
Mung pancake making in process!
This was superb! I did not know mung bean pancake can be so nice, I cant even describe! I regretted not having one each, we shared one piece and before I can take a nice picture, left only this quarter liao.. Promise me you go and buy if you are in Korea ok?
Dumplings.... but we didnt try.
More food....
And we finally settled for gimbap and glass noodles at this stall. Simply, it was the most crowded one. LOL
Gimbaps that looked so simple yet so satisfying!
And my favorite glass noodles, thumbs up!

The 3 items that we had added up to 10000won which was our cheapest meals in the whole trip! Keke

If you proceed to South Gate 1 entrance, you will reach Cheongyecheon River.
And if you follow the map, you will reach Dongdaemum area, which I will talk more in the next post. Stay tuned!

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