Korea 2015 - Anguk/Insadong

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Started a brand new day in search for Hanjeongsik! Heh, too much influence from the drama, da chang jin lah.. keke
Hanjeongsik is a full-course Korean meal with an array of savory side dishes. The most lavish of hanjeongsik traditional originated with the banquets served in the royal palaces or the homes of aristocrats.
Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)
Address: 서울특별시 종로구 인사동14길 30 (30, Insadong 14-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul) 
Subway: Anguk, Exit 6
Direction: Go straight 100m and turn left at the intersection. Walk along Insadong-gil Road and turn left onto Insadong 14-gil. Go 120m to the end of the alleyway and turn left.  Jirisan is 30m ahead on the right.

The restaurant was not that difficult to find. Once you exit the station, walk in the direction of Insadong's walking street where you can find lotza Korea souvenirs such as keychains, magnets etc. And turn left into Insadong 14-gil, a small alley on your left.

You are on the right track when you see this signboard at the end of the alley...
Doesnt look like a restaurant at all, more like a Korean's traditional house!
We were very early, so not many customers yet. Those who were there were mainly korean though... I like to go places where the locals will go and less tourists... hahaha
There was a few courses and we opted for the cheapest one, which was 15000 won per pax. 

The course was made up of mainly vege dishes, but quite yummy. The glass noodles was nice, the brinjal/eggplant was nice, the grilled fish also good although got small little bones, pancake was great... you get my meaning lah. Hee

As for the pot in the middle with white semi solid stuff, we didnt know what it was! It was almost tasteless, it was not porridge, probably some soy byproduct. Anyway, I was observing the local uncle opposite our table, he drizzled a bit of the sauce (above the pot in the picture) so we followed suit. He later on poured everything inside, so we also copycat. Taste better!

So remember to add the sauce for taste in case there are no Korean uncle/auntie to demo how to eat the dish when you are there. =)

We proceed to  Changdeokgung Palace after the hearty meal. Mind you, it was quite a far walk and no joke walking under the hot sun.

Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon
Subway: Anguk Station, Exit 3
Direction: From the exit, go straight for 10 min

I signed up for the secret garden tour from the official website as it is limited to 50pax for online reservation and another 50pax for on site ticket purchase for each time slot. The tour is conducted in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese. 

Secret Garden
Took this shot outside the toilet. Wah kao, toilet surrounding also scenic. 
According to the guide, these trees are very very old liao, and they are growing in such weird angles. Seriously, they look very hazard prone lor...

The garden is freaking big and the whole tour took us 1.5hours. I read in other blogs that  there will be a point where you can choose to continue or to U-turn, my own friends also confirmed that, but.... we were not offered such option in our tour! I felt like I was back in my trekking days; walking up and down very steep slopes, sandy/grainy paths etc, so please do wear your most comfy walking shoes if you are coming here. Personally, I think it's more recommended to visit the secret garden during autumn season where you can see more colours!

While you are in this area, consider to include:

- Bukchon Folk Village
- Samcheongdong
- Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken
- Gyeongbokgung Palace

Read more here

Unhyeongung Royal Residence (운현궁) 
Subway: Anguk Station, Exit 4
Direction: Walk straight 50m from the station.

I had included this in my itinerary as the idea of donning the Korea hanbok (traditional costume) with a palace background sounds like a fantastic setting for pictures. We did made our way to the Palace, after our long walk at the Secret Garden, but eventually gave up the whole idea. Why? Coz we were super hot and sweating like mad. Probably it's a better idea to go in the morning. In case you are interested, the rental for the costume is 3300 won.

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