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Venue: 10 Maju Avenue
Contact: 6858 2320  

I cant believe that I've not dedicated a post for one of my top 3 favorite waffle hangout! So here it is, a very "over due" post.

For the nth times I was at Oblong, I always order the same set - red velvet waffles with a scoop of ice-cream and a can drink, all for just $10. That is a decent deal! I've not tried anything else on the menu. Hey, I super loyal one. Hmm... what else do they sell here?? =p
The ice-cream was good (wished that it was a bigger scoop), but the highlight was the waffles with generous serving of cream cheese. It was da bomb.

I dont think the red velvet flavour makes much of a difference, although I do like my waffles crispy like how it was done here at Oblong. I cant tahan soggy / too moist waffles. It is really the cream cheese that makes the waffles so addictive.

See, so much cream cheese! Give me the waffles with cream cheese, and I'm happy gal! =)

The cafe itself, nothing to shut about, neither pretty nor worth taking photo. But still, it is always crowded at night, so that speaks a lot about their desserts right?  So for me, it is always a quick dessert fix ~ order, wait 10 mins or so and probably another 2mins to gobble down the waffles. Chop chop! 

Updates with more photos! =p

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