Chicken Up

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Venue: 48 Tanjong Pagar Road
Contact: 6327 1203


The other time when I was at tg pagar road, I saw many korean restaurants selling fried chicken. It must be the aftermath of the korean drama where many times, the scenes were the actors/actresses eating chicken & beer, which appear to be the korean's popular snacks. I did a little 'research' and decided to try Chicken Up.

We were there early slightly after 6pm since it was just a 10 minutes walking distance from office. Guess what, there was a 20% discount if we finished dinner before 7 or 730pm. Cool right? Dont say I never share good deal, early dinner is good for the wallet as well as a flatter stomach! LOL
Watermelon Soju - $25 (2 pax)

The first thing I noticed was the many varieties fruit soju. Apparently, the watermelon one seemed to be the popular one and the presentation so cute ~ served in a real watermelon. I was contemplating whether to order the watermelon version (meant for 4 to share) or just the portion for 2 pax. I actually walked around the restaurant, trying to peek at the other diners to see how big is the portion for 4 pax.

Not that I love alcohol or soju, I just want to take nice picture. After like 20mins or so, my rational characteristic took over me, which I was glad lah coz even the portion for 2 pax was quite a lot. In the end, I just took picture on the wall lor, coz I was too shy to approach those who ordered the watermelon to ask for a photo.  

Would you mind some random person come to your table and ask to take picture of your food/drinks? I guess not hor; people may think I'm siao one. ~_~"
Japchae - $12

Being a lousy spicy food eater, we didnt really have a lot of choices, so ordering was a breeze. #lamejoke

This dish was very tasty but light, highly recommended. Hubby was complaining that he didnt really get to eat this dish coz I ate so much of it! Keke
Soya Chicken Up - $20

The portion was made up of 4 average size chicken parts. Hmm, we felt that it was a tab too pricey for fried chicken, no? Perhaps, the price is more worthy for the spicy ones where you'll get the kick and the shiok-ness from the burning sensation? Just trying to justify the price. *Shrugged*
Corn Cheese - $8

We were not full yet not that hungry to order another staple, and so we started to browse the starters/side dishes. Corn cheese sounded like a good option, marked as a popular dish too. Alas, bad bad recommendation. Tasted like hard cheese on cheap corn from the can.

Overall, food was average lah. But if you like soju and fried chicken, this probably makes a good place for the gathering.

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