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Ya, breaking ME news.... ~_~

Spa & wellness centre Subtle Senses closes one of its branches
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I just realised that Subtle Senses at Taka has closed down!

I have made a booking on 4 Oct, but yet no one calls me to inform cancellation of the sessions. This is way too irresponsible and extremely intorlerant!

I still remember when I went down to settle my package in Sept, those consultants were still conning new members to sign up.


At the point of this entry, someone from Subtle Senses called me to inform that my appointment is shifted to Cuppage outlet. Most importantly, at least it is not cancelled, I still have 34 sessions to clear! Heng to the MAXXXXXXXX... for now.

Every now and then, there is news about changes in True Spa/Subtle Senses.. And in all occassions, the members are not given prior notice. I have to go to search online in forums etc to find out the updates. This is rather challenging and I probably faint if I have a weaker heart... kaoz..

Anyway for those who wanna reach them, you may try this number 6736 2836 , which is the number they use to call me.   I couldnt get thru these numbers 6732 9555/ 6235 9555/6220 6646. The first two numbers are definitely not in use as they belong to Taka outlet which is closed. The last number can still try since that the hotline provided in Channel NewsAsia.

Will update again if I sense any amiss in my appointment coming mon!


motd said...

Cuppage Branch is so small! How are they going to accommodate the bookings of so many customers?

It is high time that I look at the legal options available to me. Still have a $2K package with them.

I'm also wondering... wonder whether Cuppage Branch will be the next to close down?


Seriously,have anyone manage a successful claim against them? And how?

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?


I'm not too sure what you meant by exchange links. Can you email me at instead?



Dewi said...

join the forum at From 1st Oct till now, I still can't get anyone picking the phone at 6220 6646, ie.Cuppage outlet, morning day and night. So far a few have claimed thru SCT up to hearing stage. But chances of winning is still 50:50. The VP Regina, the representative that they sent to meet the victims is a regular at SCT.

Hi Dewi,

My understanding is that it's easier to claim against TS if you have yet to convert to SS.

In my case, I have already converted to SS, so chances are slim since they are still providing services, IF you manage to book an appt.


Anonymous said...

I've been with SS come to almmost 4 years when they were still at the Mosque St. I must said their services had been quite good, that is, till now. I went down to their Cuppage Terrace branch once, few months back. I've not heard from them on my next appointment (they will usually call to confirm apt), so I tried to call them up. To my surprise, nobody picked up the calls despite calling them days and nights for past few days. I've been cheated once when the hair salon I signed up with closed down, and I've lost my $. I hope this does not happen again :( Especially after reading up on all the updates on SS.

Anonymous said...

I was having a package with ss who had shifted to cuppage terrace. As it was inconvenient, I had requested to go to the branch at Mosque St unit 43. The consultant confirmed my Saturday's appt (16 oct )on Thursday, 14 oct. Guess what? The ss branch at mosque st was closed. I met a few other customers who went there for appt and we tried calling them and there was no reply. Why bother to confirm appts and make your customers travel, if you intend to close? Hope you will give us a call to explain the situation. Be repobsible and have the guts to face your customers as afterall we had been with you for a long time. You owe your customers an explanation! Amanda

Hi Amanda,

OMG, what you mean by closed? Does it mean that SS has closed down for business as well? ~_~

JW said...

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