Benjamin Browns

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It was super packed when we visited Benjamin Browns, which was when it was still fairly new. In fact, we got to queue for almost 30mins before we managed to get a seat.  Now, I think the novelty had died down liao.
Over The Top Shake - $16++

We were there to try the super over sized milkshake. It was filling on its own and the ingredients were falling out! It felt shiok to have so much ingredients in one milkshake, but then, it was just milk shake and a expensive one.

Pork Chop - $25++

We adored this pork chop! It was tender and juicy, accompanied with a sweet potato mash. A pity that the serving was small for the price tag. Even the 'salad' looked pathetic lor.
Beef Chunks - $25++

We still felt hungry after the pork chop so we ordered the beef chunks, which seemed to be a popular dish ordered by other diners. Looked disgustingly bloody but dun worry, it was actually quite decent.

Overall, the food was pretty good although pricing was not too friendly. =p


Venue: #01-20/21, The Forum Shopping Mall
Contact: 6887 4117

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