Sakura at Flower Dome, Garden By The Bay

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We were here at Flower Dome. Think this was my third or fourth times already.
View from the top. Omg, the crowd was terrible and the queue was worse. So do come mentally prepared. Thankfully, the aircon was strong enough albeit the crowd, so that made the long wait much more tolerable.
Sakura right here in Singapore. Don't miss it, the exhibition is only opened till 27 March. It is a rare chance to be able to see so many varities of sakura in bloom at one site; you may not get to see it even if you travel to Japan/Korea. =)
Lots of pretty flowers.. Many varieties of Sakura and backdrops.
Torii gate! Gonna see the real thing real soon in Kyoto.. Can't wait! 
Btw, to take photo with this background got to queue....
So cute and looked so fluffy!
Pretty in pink.
Reminded me of the time I was at Ueno Park, Tokyo. 
Different breed of Sakura? Not sure, it really looked quite different from the rest.
Bud waiting to bloom..
More spam...
I posted more photos in my Instagram, so do pop by to take a look. =)

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