Clinton St. Baking Company

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I wanted to come here long ago but the unearthly opening hours (8am - 6pm) really make it hard to do so, unless you are working near bugis area. Anyway, I still managed to visit it, in fact twice before I pen this post. =)

Well, be prepared to queue for a good 30-40mins coz both times that I went, it was packed. Even though they try to squeeze in as many tables as possible, to a point, I thought that they are discriminating the not-so-slim people. 

I'm kidding. I mean the discrimination part but super pack and no privacy is real. That's probably why the customers move in and out pretty fast; it is  really not the best place to chill.
Chicken & Waffles - $21

This is their "Award Winning Recipe" buttermilk fried chicken, or so they claimed on their menu.... and I loved it! The maple butter sauce was ultimate and it complemented the otherwise soft waffles. I mean I dont even like soggy or soft version waffles, but I loved that here. Fried chicken was breast meat, which was quite tough. I'm totally fine with it coz anyway I prefer chicken breast meat. Portion was great. Well, you can see for yourself. 
Pancake with Warm Maple Butter - $18

Choose between blueberries, chocolate and banana walnut. 

I chose the banana walnut because I can then dip the pancake with the ultimate sauce with added texture. The other two is just sauce, agree? Heehee

And mind you, there were banana and walnut in every slice of the pancake; it was so filling. #fatdieus
Pies, cakes and scones that we didnt have the chance to try...

Venue: 31 Purvis Street
Contact: 6684 4845

Oooo.. Google search showed that Clinton is now opened from 8am - 10pm daily. Good news!

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