Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

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We were here at Alkaff  Mansion Ristorante for the Italian Tea Buffet (Sat 1130am - 3pm) for our post Vday meal. Couldnt get a table on the actual Vday weekend, so we settled for a 'post celebration'. But who are we kidding? We just want a legitimate reason to pig out. =p

The restaurant is located on Telok Blangah Hill Park, which is actually quite inaccessible without a car. On the contrary, that makes this place a secluded and serene place to host a wedding. In fact, there is a garden, or probably just greenery would be a better term, surrounding the restaurant. Which it can be 'beautified' with lotza flowers to make it a garden wedding. 
We were greeted by the beautiful setup once we stepped into the restaurant. Feeling excited already! The place is kinda small, which probably can just sit 30-40, my guess? No wonder it's always fully booked. Please do not attempt walk in as we witnessed customers been turned away. Do yourself a favour and just make a booking to avoid disappointment ya? I left the number below and so no excuses. 

There were different kinds of Italian salad, hams, cheese, pizza and hot stations. A decent selection and a change from the usual international buffet style. Especially nowadays, I try not to consume raw food, sashimi and kinds. Since I'm not going for the 'expensive items' which makes up part of the cost, it's really not worthy for me to go for international buffet. Here, it is $48++ per pax, slightly cheaper?

The selection were nice except for the soup that was served that day. A plain cauliflower soup that tasted so blend, that I would much preferred to just drink H20. And yup, just a spoonful and no thank you. 

The pasta was great, especially the mushroom truffle penne. Hey, I dont even adore truffle in the first place. I could have helped myself a few more serving, if not for my expanding waistline. Trust me, I really have tried dieting which seems to fail terribly. Sobz... and sorry, I digress. 

And oh please try not to stuff yourself too much carbo. you need some place for the desserts, which is nothing but amazing!
It was almost too sinful to 'upset' the pretty setup but we did anyway. LOL. Click here to view more photos..

Do consider visit here soon as I read in the news that the tenancy is expiring and Alkaff Mansion may not be renewing. Oh well, if Alkaff Mansion is not at its presence venue, it just feel weird? Sometime, you need the right ambiance to truly enjoy the food?


Venue: 10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore 109178
Contact: 6510 3068

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