Marina Bay Sands ( Part 1)

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When we checked into the hotel, we were told that our room would be upgraded free. As we were walking toward the room, we were saying to each other "Did we hear that we are given free upgrade of the room?" Well, the receptionist kinda mumbled, so we aint quite sure what we heard....

Can you imagine our pleasure surprise when we realized we were given a suite? Keke

Hey all, welcome to "my room" in Marina Bay Sands... ^_^

Not exactly auspicious number to buy as 4D, but it is a corner room which allowed us to have great view of the Singapore River, Esplanade, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore Flyer etc at the comfort of our room...

Living room
Corridor linking the living room & the bedroom, plus another toilet


Another view of the bedroom

Bathroom - consists of a bath tub, standing shower and toilet

Other facilities:
"Branded" coffee and tea sachets

Coffee maker

Fridge - Lotza goodies!

Ah - ha! Beware lor!

The fridge is fully computerized. Once you remove an item from the fridge, the sensor will be activated and you will be automatically charged! Wah.. Hi tech.. scary ar.. EVIL FRIDGE!!

Btw, there is only 1 tiny corner to put own own thing, probably only enough space to place some chocolate bars If you are thinking of buying 1 whole cake, dun bother... I am telling you it cant fit into the fridge.

View from my room


Next pitstop ~> the long awaited Sky Park!
Entrance to Skypark

Flash your room card for free & unlimited access!

By right, each card allows entrance for 2 pax and each room is given 2 cards, meaning 4 person can go up at 1 time. By left, if the card machine at the Sky Park is not working, it cannot keep track of the number of times the room card is presented, so unlimited person can go up! =p


Let the card machine spolit, spolit, spolit.......

View from Observation Deck

Infinity Pool


It's warm one lor... Too bad, I dun have enuff time so dint get to dip in the jacuzzi.. Sigh, such a waste!




Stay tune for night scenes in MBS Part 2.....

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