10:26:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

I'm gonna make a BIG purchase soon, probably the only one and the biggest purchase in my whole life..

Everyday I discover something new about it, cant wait to see it soon. =p

Today I found out that it comes with a oven! Oh yeah! I always wanna oven coz I can imagine myself baking pretty cakes and muffins. The scene is simply very " barbie doll"...  

" You know how to bake??"


Do I need to know? Just put the flour, egg and butter into the oven and there it is, a cake! Doesnt work that way meh? Keke

I recalled, long long ago in school, I managed to bake a cake with self-rising flour that didnt rise, sank in the middle and I had to dump a lot of fruits to cover up that stopid hole ( because that happened during my exam lah). Well, even though my home economics practical sucks, I'm sure with more practice with the oven, it will be as easy as ABC! ^_^

Anticipation is making me restless.... Will post pictures soon..