Marina Bay Sands (Part 2)

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My bf had booked for this promotional package called "The Indulgence By The Bay Package" which is only valid for stay in September & October, booked by 30 September.. Erm, which is only a few days away...Oops

The package includes the following:

•A stay in one of Marina Bay Sands' incredible hotel rooms for 2 guests ( Price will differ according to the room type)

•A Daily Set Dinner for 2 guests at our outstanding Jin Shan Restaurant

•Two complimentary glasses of House Wine at Fuse Bar

•Unlimited access to the Sands SkyPark pool

•Complimentary access to the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck during your stay•Complimentary Airport Shuttle Bus on arrival.

•The Marina Bay Sands airport shuttle bus runs 7 days a week, every 30 minutes from each of the 4 terminals at Changi Airport. (Simply present your confirmation email to the Marina Bay Sands shuttle bus operator at the Coach bay in your arrival terminal)


Dinner at Jin Shan
"Private" room for big groups.. What does it resembles?
Chinese Lanterns! How innovative! =)

The resturant is a very typical chinese settings with waitress in cheongsam, red cushions, chinese paintings etc

Food wise, we get to choose between vegetarian & non vegetarian menu:

Vegetarian Menu
•Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Salad

•Thick Soup with Mushroom & Bamboo Pith

•Vegetarian Prawn in Dried Chilli Sauce

•Sautéed Fresh Mushroom with Vegetable

•Braised Brinjal with Special Sauce

•Special ‘Mee Sua’ in Jin Shan Style

•Mixed Fruit

Non-Vegetarian Menu
•Braised Shark’s Fin with Shredded Abalone

•Steamed Cod Fish topped with Broad Bean Crumbs

•Braised Black Mushroom with Green Vegetable

•Stir-fried Prawns with Blackberry Mayonnaise Honey Mustard Sauce

•Yeung Chow Fried Rice

•Cream of Red Bean with Lotus Seed

Of coz we chose the non vegetarian one, which supposed to cost $100++ for 2 pax...

While we were waiting for our food, I flipped through the menu and realised that the chef for Jin Shan is this guy in the picture above. I very sure that I saw him in those TV programs.. Well, the food should be not too bad then... *cross fingers*
Another interesting or should I say "dangerous" part of the menu is, it doesnt come with the price! OMG, to choose your food without the pricing, it's just like swimming in a shark pool...Hmm..

Definitely dun works on me, I dun like surprises and so I will probably "fled" from the resturant lor... keke

Shark Fins

This is pretty good. The soup is fragrant and sweeten with abalone shreds. Then again, I dun promote eating shark fins, so it's a dish I will not order on my own.
Braised Mushroom

Haha, wrong focus! The main ingredient is the mushroom and not the vegetable.. Erm, normal since both ingredients are normal. Nothing to rave about. 
Stir Fried Prawns

My favourite dish! The prawns were very fresh and spongy. The prawns seemed to be lightly fried on the outside, coz they were crispy on the outside and spongy inside. The sauce was rather unique and I like the nice touch of adding almonds. The almonds helped to improve the overall taste.
Cod Fish

The cod fish was okay, but in my opinion was either not very fresh or overcooked. The cod fish was a little bit tough. Then again, I'm particular when it comes to fish and so my expectation could be higher than normal people. So this dish probably works well with many others bah.. *Shrugged*
Fried Rice

The set really reminded me of a wedding banquet with the dinner course ended off with a fried rice. Just in case, the dishes were not filling enough.
Red Bean Soup

What can I say? This was just red bean soup lor. But we waited close to 20 -30minutes for the red bean soup, after getting attention from at least 2 -3 serving staff. The staff were polite, just that I seriously dunno understand why I needed to wait so long for a very normal red bean soup, which was probably pre-cooked. Oh well...

Overall, food was okay but not impressive. Then again, it's part of a promotional package so what can I expect?
After dinner, we went to the lobby to walk around while waiting for my frens to come...

MBS model at the lobby

Colourful Lobby (Tower 1) - you just cant miss it!

The Sky Park with its observation deck closes at 10pm and so do be mindful of the timing. We went up to the Sky Park ( at 57th level) at about 9pm, and these were my "results"... Do enjoy!

The above pictures were taken with my Panasonic GF1 with normal settings... They were still okay, just that kinda dark coz lightings were limited lah...

Until I discovered a colour mode called "Expressive" which helps to enhance the colours and produce more vibrant pictures! I think they looked better, dun you agree?

The pictures were still not very focused but hey I was using "human tripod" aka myself leh.. So dun be fussy!
Infinity Pool at night


We ended off with a free drinks at the pub, FUSE, at Level 1, Tower 2, with a choice of one of the following:

•House white/ red wine – Errazuriz Estate (Chile) or Oyster Bay Pinot Noir

•House Champagne – Piper Heidsieck

•Marina Bay original cocktail

•Non-alcoholic mocktail – “Pina Colada” or “Refreshing Chill”

We chose from the cocktail series, which are priced at $18 each. 

The package also includes a photo shoot at the Sky Shop, which was simply a picture of us superimposed with a background of the MBS. We were literally "floating" above the Singapore River and stood as tall as the 3 towers. Damn weird photo. Cant they just take a photo of us when we were at the Sky Park?

I noticed the photo shoot was removed from the website liao, so I guess the mgmt agrees that it looks weird. Keke

Okay, this ends off my stay at MBS! Enjoy the pictures!

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