" Greater Heights! "

11:33:00 AM Ashley Tok 4 Comments

My statistics for the past week:

Hey, I know it's nothing compared to those famous blogs, which probably have 10,000 unique hits per day. But then, this is like an small achievement for me!

Keep it coming! ^_^


Next review in mid week ~ Jones!

Jones what? Just visit to find out lor! Have a great weekend! ^_^


Miso said...

Congratz! Preparing for the 2nd payout from Nuffnang? :)

Hihi Miso!

Not yet 2nd payout..I dint cash out the first time, since it's only $50. Haha..

Shall accumulate more and cash out together, more shiok!

How about you? You cash out already? Must take picture of the first cheque! \^_^/

Miso said...

Yup... I got my first cheque ard $50, took photo and posted in my blog. The next one I shall wait till $100 then cash out :) For me, it took around 5 mths to get $50.

Wow.. that's fast!So good!

I think mine took much longer..Haha, anyway it serves more like a motivation, rather than an income. So that's good enough for me.

Let's jia you! Hee