Jewels [Closed]

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Looking for a quiet, chill out place after a dinner can be quite challenging, especially in the town area. It's practically crowded everywhere!

I'm sure it's a common "headache" for more people. I'm almost bursting with joys when I found such a place in the town.

Where is it?

Cannot share la.. share liao, everyone will know....





Oh well, on the account that you have been "loyal' so far...

Sshhh... Come closer lah!


It's a place called Jewels, located at Orchard Central...  ^_^

We went on a Friday night, after settling our dinner at 313 next door. Surprisingly, it was kinda empty... Hmm

* Cold wind breezed by.....*

Ha, who cares! Good for us, since we were a group of 6, which was definitely a feat to find somewhere decent to accommodate us. Anyway, a place that serves chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks can't be too far off! What can go wrong with chocolate? Keke

Indeed, all our orders were chocolate related.... =p

Hot Chocolate
Hazelnut Chocolate with Toppings - $6.80
Comes with marshmallow/chocolate shavings

Classic beverage that will never go wrong. If you are like me, who cant really take caffeine at night, this will polly be a good alternative.

Chocolate Slushes
Earl Grey and Milk Chocolate - $7.80
Hazelnut with Milk Chocolate - $7.80

Oh well, the drinks looked alike, so there was only 1 photo for 2 different drinks! 

The group had preferred the Earl Grey & Milk Chocolate, being the more unique one. It came with the nice aroma of earl grey and yet it was thick with chocolate. One beverage with 2 different flavors...Hmm, interesting.

Chocolate Tart with Icecream - S$10.80

How can there be no dessert after dinner? Haha

We tried both the Chocolate Tart and Dark Chocolate Lave Cake with Icecream ($10.80). In fact, all the other desserts are priced at $10.80 ( brownies, chocolate crumble etc). I guess both were pretty okay. Also, we get to select our own choice of icecream from the following, which can be ordered on their own as well...

Icecream - $3.80 per serving
Alpaco Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Pearl
Gianduja Hazelnut Icecream
White Chocolate Sorbet with Berries Compote
Blood Orange Sorbet

There is also a high tea session with your gal frens...

Let me know whether it's worthwhile if you are trying this! ^_^


Venue: Orchard Central, #02- 31 (just beside the esclator)
Contact: 6509 8998