Subtle Senses, are you still around?

1:07:00 PM Ashley Tok 8 Comments

Oh great, Subtle Senses seems to be closed (for good?) when customers appeared at the door yesterday, 16 October 2010.

This is worse than True Spa. At least, True Spa attemped to inform all its existing customers by sending a letter and giving us promises that never hold water. Oh I guess, I meant at least I was officially informed of TS's close down. Subtle Senses? Not a single letter or call. Too poor to even do that or simply, too irresponsible?

Many had filed to Small Claims Tribunals, but the process is simply tedious which does not promise higher chances of sucess rate.

First of all, you need to fill in a form and then pay a fee (e.g $10 if you are claiming quantum less than $5K). In addition, you need to produce the entity's business profile, which you need to pay (yes again) from ACRA.

Afterwhich, you need to undergo consultation/mediation. If the matter is not resolved, a hearing will be fixed. Oh ya, you also need to have witnesses as well.

Disclaimer: I'm not instigating anyone to file a case here, all the information that I have quoted here can be found online.

I just wish that the process can be simpler. Isnt the law suppose to help the innocent parties, in my case, innocent customer like myself who have dutifully pay my installment promptly every month? I really dun wan to waste time (taking AL to attend the hearing), effort and money and yet not having a fruitful outcome. Is there any easier solution? I dont need to have full claim of my unutilised package if it means that more people can have some of their unutilised package back. And I dun like the fact that while these are going on, the spa are still getting new members.

Obviously with so much negativity going on, shouldnt something concrete being done such as preventing spa from signing up more customers that it can handle? Shouldnt there be checks and controls to ensure the sustainability of a company, especially for businesses that have direct dealings with innocent, helpless consumers.

As quoted in the news, TS/SS has about 17,000 to 18,000 customers, with only 2 outlets at Mosque Street and Cuppage. Now it becomes zero outlet unless the close down of Subtle Senses is only temporary, which I doubt so.



Anonymous said...

hi there, any updates from subtle sense?

can you loop me in?

JW said...

Customer here too, from TrueSpa era.
Sucks, doesn't it?

JW said...

Subscribe to this...

Hi JW,

Thanks for the update.

Did you convert to SS? I did, but I do not have a copy of the agreement. Not to sure what to do next... ~_~

JW said...

No, I stayed with TS, but it was so difficult to make a booking after the takeover!

I'm in 2 seperate mailing lists, which one of them is gonna meet some lawyer.
How am I gonna pass you the mail? I don't want to exchange contact details via open comments.

You can include my email

From there I can forward to my personal email..


Anonymous said...

If i still have unpaid instalments, can i refuse to pay since the company has shut up?

I'm afraid not.

What happens in an installment plan is, the bank is merely paying the whole balance to the company on your behalf, esssentially become your new creditor.

In other words, you are owing money to the bank in an installment plan. Therefore, with or without the company, you will need to "honour" the payment to the bank, as stated in the T&C for your credit card.

I have checked with my bank and was rejected flatly even though I appeal to waive off my balance for goodwill basis.

You can try asking your bank, but dun pin your hopes high.