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10:38:00 PM Ashley Tok 1 Comments

On 1st of September, I have made booking for massage sessions on both 4th and 24th Oct. Since I was there on 4th, I though I might as well confirmthe 24th Oct booking.

Well, guess what?

Actually, no need to guess... my 24th Oct slot is not recorded in their system. =_=

And because the day is already full with appointment, I'm on waiting list. Waiting list means that if someone decides not to come on that day, I will have to appear at the outlet. So dubz right?

I insisted that I have my booking confirmed, so I made them reserved a slot for me in November even though November is not opened for booking.

Oh ya, they change their booking system yet, again... Now they only accept booking 2 weeks in advance, instead of a month.

Seriously, I really have doubts that I can complete the remaining sessions that I have with them.

Even though I have said numerous times on my blog, let me repeat this again : Lesson learnt : Dun ever sign up for any package.

The pricing of a single massage costs about $100 plus. I save myself the worries of the spa collapsing or running away with my money. I can choose when to go rather than go because that's the only available slot. If I try and dont like the service, I can always go to another one to try, rather than tie myself down to a single spa.

Regrets, regrets and more regrets... BIG SIGH >.<


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