UCC's Keurig Neotrevie BS200 For Sale! (Brand New) - [SOLD]

12:21:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Christmas isn’t about feasting on some of the most delectable food imaginable. This is also the time when we show our loved ones how much they mean to us through the magic of giving. If you want to give your mum, dad, or sibling a really rad present; you can consider UCC’s Keurig Neotrevie BS200.

It’s one of their latest coffee maker machines that can prepare coffee or tea in less than a minute (30 to 40 seconds).  But if you’re worried that your parents won’t easily figure out this hi-tech gadget, fret not for the design is clean, sleek, and simple enough for adults to understand right away.

Item selling at $300 (original price is $360++) . If interested, please leave me a comment!