Just say "No"

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I realised that a lot of people do not know how to say "No". =(

Incident 1

Airport Road Food Centre.

It was crowded and so we asked to share a table with a guy holding on to a kid. Hubby went to buy food. To save time, I asked the guy to "jaga / chop" the seat for us while both of us went to get our food.  He said "Okay". But when my hubby came back after ordering ( I was still queuing), the guy said "Sorry, we ordered a lot of food".

Seriously, how much food can 2 adults and a kid eat. That's beside the point, if you dont intend to share table, just say "No" in the first place. We probably thought you are a selfish guy who cant share a table meant for 6 or 8 pax, but nevermind, that's how you want to live your life and we are totally cool about it. 

But saying "Okay" and then decided "No" later was totally not right. Imagine we bought our food and stranded there without a table. The food turned cold while we stood there waiting, then bacteria settled on our food. We ate and then we fell seriously ill. 

I'm a bit exaggerating now but yeah, just say "No" if you dont like to share table next time, olright? 

Incident 2

A rental transaction

The couple was uncomfortable with the terms and conditions from the landlord and kept asking why the landlord's requests as such. I explained that all terms and conditions are agreement between both parties, there's no such thing call standard practices, all boils down to negotiations. If agree, proceed. If no, then move on to the next unit. 

But instead of saying "No", the male tenant will say "I will consider/ I will discuss with wife". And I had to call back to confirm the decision and he will avoid the call. Afterwhich, he will then whatapp me.

The irony part is I actually suggested not to proceed.


Learning to say "No" is actually being kind to the other person. If you are really not interested, say "No" so that the other person can move on to those who may be interested. You are been mercy by not giving others a false hope. However, many times, people feel embarrassed or simply dont know how to say "No". 

Isnt saying "No" is simpler than saying "I will consider", one syllabus vs three syllabus?