Lola's Cafe

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Venue: 5 Simon Road
Contact: 6343 1808


We continued to explore for more cafes in District 19 and found ourselves at Lola's Cafe. It was full house on a Saturday, at 5 plus in the early evening.  I thought I was the "early bird to eat the worm", and found a flock of birds was already there. *Pout*

We walked down Simon Road to see whether there's anything interesting without a queue, saw a Thai restaurant next door (that's for another post!) and a place selling Teo Chew porridge, which was also very crowded (that's for another trip!) and a few more, decided that Lola's is still the most appealing more. WAIT LOR.....

Good thing about dine out with just me & hubby, it was easier to get a table even though our queue number was quite far back. Lucky us, we even got a table inside the cafe, saved me the "torture" of breathing in smoke from cars and smokers and I managed to took some nice pictures of the interior. ^_^

Our orders:
Nacho Cheese Fries ($8)

Freshly fried shoestring fries drizzled with nacho cheese fries, sprinkled with spices! It was really quite addictive, I must say. 

Hubby commented that the table was actually not very friendly for diners. It's a trap for falling utensils and precious fries! LOL
Our Mains -  Duck Leg With Mash ($16) and Fish 'n' Chips ($15)

I had the duck leg which was pretty standard, not particularly outstanding but nice enough if you have craving for duck confit. The Fish 'n' Chips was probably the better one among the 2 mains. It came in 2 large portion, with a thin batter and no fishy smell. I think I will order Fish 'n' Chips for my next visit. =)
Banana Earl Grey Tart and Lemon Meringue Tart ($5 each)

We were already full by the time we finished the mains but the desserts looked too pretty to leave behind. And so we "tabao" the 2 most unique ones, at least I dont see such flavoured tarts in many places.  Because the combination was really unique, so I guess it's very individual whether you like it or not. But the tart crust itself was really good! 

Oh ya, no additional service fee or GST. You pay what you see on the menu, cool huh? 

The place is also very cozy, I can totally imagine myself sipping a cup of latte, reading a magazine or working on my laptop, while whizzing the afternoon away. Really glad to find a nice cafe near my house. =)


Tried the chocolate tart with sea salt caramel. Confuse your palate tasting sweet and salty at the same time! Interesting and definitely sinful to the max!

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