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Venue: 501 Bukit Timah Road, Cluny Court #02 -01 S259760
Contact: 6763 1547


We came to Cluny Court in search for 3 Inch Sin and chanced upon Relish.  Surprisingly crowded since this place is kinda out of the way. For the north-ers, hey Relish has another outlet at Serangoon Gardens.  =)

Anyway we needed dinner and without much 'hassle' (as selection was not plentiful), we decided on beef cheek to share.
Slow Braised Beef Cheek with Buttery Mash - $25

I would say the beef cheek was alright, really soft although a tad boring for one pax to finish everything on the plate. I decided beef cheek isnt my cup of tea, I still prefer my beef to be chewy & tender, rather than mashed up. Well, it just lack the texture that I like. *Shrugged*
Spam Fries with Kaffir Lime Mayo- $8

I was curious what was spam fries and ordered it as well. Alas, wrong choice. it was a weird taste, a tad saltish sourish? 
Taiwan Lychee Beer - $13

This caught my eyes as I scanned through the drinks menu. They got both Melon & Lychee flavored beer but i decided the latter as i thought the taste was more distinct. End up, it was really good if you have a sweet tooth, can literally smell & taste the lychee!

Overall food was nothing to shout about, but great place to drink ands chill with friends.
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