Food Tasting: Shinkei Japanese Restaurant

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Venue: 600 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-06/07/10
Contact: 6255 5598


Went for my first OpenRice food tasting last Saturday. Felt so lucky as there was only 4 other more (one was sick though so could not make it) with me and ........ we were been fed with so much food, it was almost insane! Very thankful for Shinkei and OpenRice for the invite & generosity! ^_^

Before I photobomb, let me share a little background on Shinkei:

Shinkei is located in the Heartland neighbourhood in Toa Payoh.  It's definitely a big risk for the owner to locate his first outlet in the neighbourhood area, but I'm glad he did! I can bring my parents (who dont really like to travel to the crowded town area) here, in fact the whole family. Oh did I mention that Shinkei has big private rooms that can catered to 18 or 25 person? You can simply call them to reserve the room with minimum 10 pax. 

Being situated in the neighbourhood, it also meant the pricing must be affordable. 
$38++ per pax for a weekend japanese dinner buffet is too unbelieveable! Moreover, Shinkei offers 145 ala carte dishes to choose from, including sashimi, salad, grilled food, sushi, rice dish and many more. 

To sum it up, Shinkei is simply Quality Food at Affordable Price and a few steps away from home (please dont take it literally)!

Enough said, pictures say a thousand words!
Chefs working hard to fill our tummies. Keke

Ippinmono (Appetizer)

Sesame Tofu

Imagine smooth tofu with sesame fragrance sliding down the throat. Mmmmm
Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg Custard)

Super smooth chawamushi! Kid's favourite and mine too! Hee
Shabu Salada (Pork Salad)

I quite like the pork salad with sesame sauce drizzled on it. I think sesame sauce is probably one of the greatest invention in Japanese cuisine, it seems to match with almost every thing. =)

Not forgetting the little pine nuts for the extra crunch. Sometimes, it's those little small details that made a simple dish outstanding. 
Shake Miso Jiru (Miso soup with salmon)

Miso soup with lotza of good stuff. It's always good to start the meal with soup to warm up the tummy!
Jagimo Salada (Potato Salad)
Seafood Somen

Without realising, I finished the cold noodles, meaning it was nice lah! Damn it, I should have saved my stomach for the mains! >.<

We were also told that the appetizer will be changed on a weekly basis. That's a lot of trouble for the chef but that's another plus point for Shinkei. More reasons for returning visitors!


Sashimi Moriawase (Assorted Sashimi Platter)


You are kidding me. Assortment sashimi platter in a buffet setting???

*Slap myself*

It's really real! GREAT NEWS to all sashimi lovers out there! 

The platter itself can easily cost $30+ in other japanese resturant, but here at Shinkei, you are just paying $30+ for many many sashimi platter plus many many other japanese goodies. Really super worth it.

And the best part, they served my favourite aburi salmon and all the sashimi were thick & fresh. 
Spider Temaki (Soft Shell Crab Handroll)

California Temaki (California Handroll)
KEI Sushi Set (Sushi – Shrimp/Crabstick/Sweet Egg Omelette)
SHIN Sushi Set (Sushi – Tuna/Salmon/Swordfish)

For people who "die die must eat rice", there are thick sashimi on small sushi balls. 

Ebi Tempura Maki (Tempura Prawn Sushi Roll)

Agemono (Tempura and Deep Fried)

Age Gyoza (Deep Fried Dumpling)
Tako Yaki (Octopus Ball)
Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Tempura)
Agedashi Tofu (Fried Tofu)
Satsuma Imo Roll (Sweet Potato Roll)

I was looking forward for this dish, as sweet potato is one of my favourite food. However, this turned up not so nice because the fried oil taste was pretty strong.

Yakimono (Grilled Dish)

Yaki Tori (Chicken in skewer)

Tsukune (Chicken Meat Ball)

Asuparagasu Be-Kon (Asparagus Wrapped with Bacon)

Satsuma Age (Home-made Japanese fish cake)

Shitake (Japanese mushrooms)

The owner shared that the grilled dishes are their signature dishes, and I thought so too. The aromatic smell already won our hearts. Moreover, all the dishes was prepared by the staff from scratch with the raw ingredients, not those ready made one okay! I loved the chicken, asparagus/bacon and meat ball skewers.

Teppanyaki, Pizza, Rice

Ninniku Yaki Meshi (Garlic Fried Rice)
Yaki Gyuniku (Stir-fried beef)

The lunch was supposed to be just 2 hours, but we ate for at least 3 hours. My tummy was at the verge of bursting lor. >.<

Overall, I would say the varieties and the pricing is the most appealing part. There are cooked food for the elders, sashimi platter for people who likes raw stuff, fried food for the food junker / kids. The only "missing" item is probably dessert, but hey, dont be too picky, the price "compensates" it and Macdonald's 70cent ice-cream cone is just beside Shinkei. Keke

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