Day 1 at Taipei

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My SQ inflight meal

Food was just normal on the SQ plane. The bun was served cold, the pork was kinda hard to chew and I didnt even finish the ice cream (never see before brand). I usually like inflight meal, but I really think SQ food was getting worse. >.<

The flight was not too long , about 5 hours, and before I knew it, I had reached Taipei. Even though the plane did hover for some time before landing due to the stormy weather. Heng, I brought my Northface jacket, the best waterproof jacket cum windbreaker and I "survived" my trip despite the raining spells. Not the best time to go Taipei I guess, out of the 7 days I was there, it rained like 50-60%. *pouting*

My first time taking the public bus, which is pretty easy, just follow the direction for "Bus to city".  
There are a number of bus company that go to Taipei city from Taoyuan International Airport. I just went for Kuo-Kuang coz it was the company that I had googled online and it was already late in the evening, so I didnt go and compare the prices amongst the bus companies. My friend told me that she took the coach called City Bus which will cost NT90, cheaper than Kuo Kuang, so you may want to google for it. 
If not, the fare is just NT125 (~ S$5) with Kuo Kuang which is also cheap lah and the destination is Taipei Railway Station TRA. From here, you can either take a cab ( the coach stops right in front of the taxi stand) or take the metro line which is linked to TRA. It was raining and I was late for my appointment, so I took a cab to my hotel at Ximending, cost me about NT100. My total transport fare from airport to hotel was merely S$10, so cheap! 

Side track a bit, when I reached Taipei then I came to know that there was earthquake in the morning on the day I arrived. Also, there was a slashing incident by a Taiwanese student in the metro. And of coz, it was raining so heavily that there was flood in some places. Really count my blessings that these happened before I arrived, otherwise I will be scared to death since I travelled alone.  *thankful*

By the time I settled down, it was already 7pm. Nothing much to do except to eat!!!

1) Dazzling Cafe
Location: Refer to Dazzling Cafe Website

There is a few locations, so look for one that's most convenient for you! I went to the Dazzling Cafe Sunshine located at 新光三越 A11. The nearest metro station will be City Hall, via Exit 3.

Special Set - NT 699 includes:
2 drinks
1 appetizer
1 main

I met my friends who were already in Taipei for makan, so dont assume I ate so much myself! LOL

We took truffle fries as the appetizer and scallop spaghetti for the main course. Food wise, I think it was passable, not a must try but you must come here for the honey toast!
Caramel Honey Toast - NT280
The honey toast is not just pretty on photo, but tasted good too! And it is very thoughtful to slice the toast in cubes, which makes it easier to eat. Such a small gesture but yet leaves a great impression. The serving is big enough for 3 of us to share. I will suggest to come here for tea break. There are simply too many good stuff to eat in Taipei, so must eat more "efficiently". =p

2) Patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris
Location: 台北市信義區松高路12號(新光三越A8館), Taipei City Hall MRT, Exit 3
I chanced upon Sadaharu Aoki when I was doing my research for macaroon, and since it's located near Dazzling Cafe Sunshine, so I went!
I was very confused when I was standing at the many colourful macaroon, dont know what to choose! I decided on 4 flavours - yuzu, macha, sesame being more japanese flavours and the last one, sea salt caramel, the all time favourite! Each cost NT90, not exactly cheap, but since I was there and this is not available in Singapore, whack lah. I like the yuzu flavour, you can practically taste the yuzu bits!

3) Ya Rou Bian (鸭肉扁)
Location: 108 Taiwan Taipei City Wanhua District武昌街二段2號, Ximending Metro Station, Exit 3 at Ximending Metro Mall

Even though they call themself 鸭肉扁 which means duck meat, they are actually selling goose meat. What a confused identity huh?

We went too late and they were already closing, so we were given some random part of the goose. Tasty but a tad too oily. The bee hoon soup also came with some meat and lotza bean sprouts ( I hate, but I didnt know they will throw in, so if you dont like, remember ask them not to add in), a very nostalgic and familiar taste, like the bee hoon soup I used to eat when I was still schooling. Nice!

We still managed to finish all the food though this was like the 2nd dinner within a short span of time, like 2 hours? Hehe. Dont underestimated girls' appetite! ROAR! 
I ended my 2 hour food marathon with a papaya milk from the family mart. Cost just S$1 but tasted so yummy and came in such a huge packet!

Super filling but super satisfying! More to come, as I met up my hubby and his friends the next day, and we really ate like nobody business for the next few days.... Stay tuned!

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