Im back from Taipei!

12:03:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

I spent about 7 days in Taipei alone to just eat and shop, oh well technically 6 days since I flew back to Singapore on the 7th day. You must be thinking I should have a very relaxing trip.... but NONONO... my itinerary is still packed with places I wanna go makan and shopping... Still quite "tedious" lor...

Just sharing some of the places that we makan, will be doing a more detailed posts when I'm more free. This month is a busy month for my new launch, weddings, Father's day and.... my wedding anniversary! =p 

These are just the non-night markets food that we tried. Talking about night market, I proclaimed now that Nixia Night Market is my favourite in Taipei, followed by Shilin, Shida and last one will be Raohe. Ok, please start drooling from now on.... keke

Will be back with more details soon!

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