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Venue: 510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (Bishan Park)
No reservation allowed


This is a super out dated post! I must have visited Grub for at least 4 or 5 times already. I really like to come here since it's quite near my place and away from the town crowd. But still, the queue here can be quite crazy and no reservation is allowed. But if you are coming as a couple, the wait is still bearable, probably 20-30 minutes?  

Some of the items I posted here are already removed from their menu, but I still post lah. All look pretty even with my handphone camera, so just admire the pictures. Can see but cannot eat liao. =p 

Menu from Weekend Brunch (Last order at 3.30pm)
 Beef & Guinness Pie - $12 ( Not in menu)

This is definitely not your usual brunch menu item. In fact, I visited Grub for the first time to try out this dish. Sad to say, it is no longer available on the menu, which I secretly hope that Grub can revive. 

The beef stew was very soft and tasty. I normally dont fancy beef stew, but I though it was done quite well here. The sauce came with a tinge of natural sweetness, which I used to dip with the pastry base until the plate was polished clean.  Though the name suggested Guinness as one of the ingredients, I would say probably non-existent or not significant, which was totally fine with me. 
 French Toast - $12

Have a sweet tooth in the morning? Then you should order the French Toast. Keke

Even though there was only 1 slice of toast, the portion was decent, coupled with a huge sausage. Simple yet satisfying.  

 Crispy Fish Burger - $12

There are quite a number of burger variety on the menu but so far, we had only tried the fish burger. I like that the fish was very crispy with little batter. 
Mentaiko Fries - $9

This was my must-order appetizer every time I go to Grub. The sauce was really addictive, fries never taste the same with the sauce. Highly recommended, goes well with beer and friends!  ^_^

Some other food photo to end this post..... 
 Pan Seared King Salmon - $15 ( Not in menu)
 Grilled Chicken Leg - $15 ( Not in menu)

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