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Chill people, the 'worst' day of the week is over, have a cup of lava molten with ice cream!

Tuesday is the day 'neither here nor there' , basically the 'worst' day of the week.

Monday, you still have a break over weekend, so theoretically, Monday shouldnt feel so bad.
Wednesday, half the week is almost gone. Cool people, just tahan a bit more.
Thursday, just one more day and time to plan what to do over the weekend!
Friday - Sunday, it's practically weekend already!Woo hoo!

Anyway back to Chocolate Origin, I love that it's so cheap and yet satisfied the sweet tooth always. Just $5, you enjoy a simple cup of warm chocolate lava oozing out which is such a big contrast with the almost icy vanilla ice-cream. So shiok! And because it's just a small cup, you are not suppose to share. YEAH! =p 

And I'm going for this tomorrow after work! ^_^

I have 3 more tickets at half price (original price at $25), if anyone interested and is available at about 7pm 6 August , please facebook message me!

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