Alive Museum Korea - Jeju

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Since I'm at the topic of Alive Museum, I thought I might as well post some photos of my visit to Alive Museum Korea when I went Jeju last year. This should give you a flavour of what to expect in Alive Museum Singapore without spoiling the fun!

The one at Jeju is the largest branch so far, which takes up about 43,000sqft of exhibition space. 

Look super prim and proper from the outside, just like any other museum.
Look at that cute butt!

Apparently, kiddo angel not very pleased by my action. Keke
Super real drawing.... Applause to the artist! *Claps*
OMG, this must be the one and only time my legs are so long.... Unbelievable
Grrr.... my hubby was always looking at other women!
Serve him right! Kenak poked by weird old man!
See, I told you! Anyone can do handstand in Alive Museum...

The symbolic photo pose in Alive Museum.. you can find this in Alive Museum in Singapore too!

The shortest 'Barbie' in the world..
I thought this looked pretty real.... Or is it the super good skill of the photographer?

* A pat on MY shoulder*
No wind blowing hair mermaid... Singapore one better...

Do you like what you see? Go visit Alive Museum Singapore!

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