Alive Museum Singapore

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Venue: Suntec City Mall, #03-372 (Between Tower 3 & 4)
Opening Hours: Daily 10am - 10pm (last admission is 9pm)


Thanks to omy Blog Club, I was invited to visit Alive Museum, which is the original 3D visual illusion museum from South Korea. The world's largest chain of such an entertainment concept, where 3D art comes alive with clever painting, shading and drawing techniques. In addition, Alive Musuem also features unique object art and digital art pieces, which are exclusively available at Alive Museum. 

So what's Alive Museum?

As literally as it sounds, it's a museum where exhibits come alive....... with YOU! Definitely not your typical boring museum, you can hop into the frame and become a part of the art masterpieces that play on optical illusions. 

Alive Museum uses special 3D painting techniques mechanical and digital technologies to create the most fun and engaging illusionary museum in the world. Trick your family and friends into believing of your 'special powers' as you capture all these into fun photo memories! Now, are you ready for the treat? =)
Pretty tickets for keeping! Entrance tickets at $25 for adults and $20 for child (3 - 12 yrs old). There's also a family package of $60 for 2 adults + 1 child, with additional child at $10. That will mean its $10 for child, not a bad deal hor?
It's located at Suntec, between tower 3 & 4 at Level 3. If you are taking the downtown line, alight at Promenade station and follow the underground passageway which will lead you right to tower 3. Super convenient lah!
Took some pictures of the candies while waiting for hubby and friend to join me. 

Some 'house rules'to share, it's preferred to go in a group of 3 or more. You need someone to be the photographer and some of the exhibits will need two person to pose in them, so 3 will be a good number to go. Of coz, the more the merrier!

For gals, please try to wear shorts/pants as some of the exhibits will need some climbing.
Hubby oogling at a naked woman.... *Shook head*
For the guys with big ego....
Yes, even Beckham and Spideman will have to bow to you! Ego booster!!
Keke, I made hubby to pose in this exhibit without he knowing what it was... =p
Forgive my spastic face, I totally had no idea where to look at and my photographers were not giving me clear instructions. >.<
I took like 101 photos in this exhibit, trying to have the wind-blowing-the-hair and gave up. My hair was simply blowing in all directions. LOL

In this exhibit, there's this pipe that will blast wind into your face if you lean forward for the sensor to detect. I guess I was not doing the right way.
This is so cool! Want to know how this was done? Go visit the museum yourself! I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag!
This looked quite ordinary at first. But a second look at the picture, I realised the reflection of the wall made it looked somewhat more realistic. The small little details do made a difference. 
Greedy me.. Haha
My hubby looked like he got this M-shaped hairline, so cute!
My friend looking equally cute here...keke
I looked cross eyed here...
Trying to kiss Mr Spiderman who had super red lips.
White water rafting!
Doing the split has never been easier. No sweat at all.
My super martial arts hubby, demonstrating flying kick!

Handstand? You dont need six pack to do that, just go Alive Museum and anyone can do it!
We in a paperboat... Muack muack!
Quick, save the penguins!
Omg! Such a big alligator!

I shall not be a big spoiler, visit the museum yourself! =p

There are over 80 masterpieces, of which 9 are locally themed and unique to Singapore and the aim to increase to more than 100 by early 2015. There will also be special exhibits during special occasions like Christmas and CNY. And the best part, 30% of paintings will be changed every 12 -18 months, so it mean you can always revisit!

Currently, there's a collaboration with Burger King. Like Alive Musuem on Facebook and get a free meal at Burger King Suntec with purchase of a full priced ticket. The meal includes:

- Choice of a Fish 'N' Crisp or Chick'N Crisp burger
- 1 small fries
- 1 small coke
- Worth $7.85

Promotion will end at 30 September 2014. Quite worth it mah, what are you waiting? =p

Read about Alive Museum Korea-Jeju here.

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