The last bits of my Taipei trip

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I shall just sum up the last 2 days of my Taipei trip in a post. Probably some of you are already bored with this forever-eating thingy in Taipei. Just bear with me a tiny weeny more..... =p

Lao Wang Ji Beef Noodle Soup
15 Taoyuan Street (Ximending)

I remembered that the one at Jiufen was so good and I was really yearning for beef noodle in Taipei. Since I didnt go Jiufen this time round, I googled for the nearest beef noodle at Ximending and found Lao Wang Ji.

The place doesnt come with a signboard and we could have easily missed the shop if we had not browsed other bloggers' pictures. From the outside, it was really misleading... =_=

We ordered both 紅烧 and plain soup base. The 紅烧 one was definitely more tasty although slightly spicy, beef was tender and I liked the broader flat noodles. Still, I prefer the one at Jiufen as I love the strong herbal taste.

Yuan Shao BBQ (原燒)
Click here for the various locations 

I was deciding between Yuanshao and Kan PeiBoth are BBQ places and the set lunch was of similar value. I ended up at Yuanshao as the Kan Pei located at Dan Shui was closed for lunch! Grrr... So people, check the timing! 

Service was fantastic here. We had a designated serving staff and her service was really top notch. She will say "thank you" whenever she served us food or cleared our places. She helped us to bbq the meat and also asked for feedback.  Overall, the food didnt wow us, but I must say it was really worthwhile. All you see above was less than S$20 per pax. 

Shida Night Market
Address: Longchuan Street,Taipei,106, Taiwan 106
TaiPower Building (Exit 3)
Arnor crepes 阿諾法式可麗餅

The crepes here was really big! Choose between sweet or savoury.

It says " Please do not touch me. If you want to touch me, please wash your hands." No wonder it's so clean. 

Weather was really not good when I was there in May. It was raining almost every other day and we seek shelter and at the same time settled our dinner at Bull King. Food was passable but again huge portion. I think probably because we were at Shida, which is near the university so a lot of hungry growing students and thus to cater to their big appetizer. Haha

Sharing my shopping venues:

1) Wufenpu - MRT : Houshanpi - Exit 1

This is the wholesale market place, so you can really find cheap stuff here. And it's mostly sheltered. Unlike the night market, you can start your shopping in the noon till late! But don't be too kiasu and come too early, the shop owners don't open the shop till noon, say about 12 plus? 

You will need lotza of patience. Not all the clothes are hanged nicely on the rack for you to browse, you basically have to dig the sacks which are lying all over the place. Do it discreetly, otherwise the staff may scold you. They will tell you that all the clothes are on the racks or on the wall already. Bluff one, there are so many sacks of clothes, how to hang everything? =p

Well, some of the shops do hang most of their clothes, but they are so packed together, it is really tedious to find an item that you will like. I felt like I was lifting 10kg rice sacks when I combed through the racks. Who says shopping is not an exercise??!?!

These were suppose to be imported from Korea but were sold cheaper because there were some defects. Seriously, I couldn't find any defects lor. Happy buy!
I don't know when will I get the chance to wear this shirt as the material is quite thick. Well, hack care, it's Hello Kitty so I just buy

2) Shilin Night Market - MRT: Jiantan

Shilin is the place to go if you have limited time and wish to eat and shop in the same area.

Clothes here are quite trendy. And can you imagine I bought the skirt for S$6 and I saw the same thing at some random shop in Singapore selling at $19.90? Coz it's so cheap, I bought the same skirt in 2 colours. Keke

3) Taipei Main Station Underground Mall - MRT: Taipei Main Station

My new-found favourite shopping place. Not so much clothes, but they have really nice cheap shoes and bags here. I really regretted not buying more shoes. They were mostly NT390 and came with cushion soles.

The whole area stretched from Taipei Main Station to Zhongshan Station and then Shuanglian Station.

Shoes can be found at the underground stretch from Taipei Main Station to Zhongshan. Shuanglian stretch is mainly books and boring stuff. Haha. I cant recall any interesting there.

At Taipei Main Station underground mall itself, it has this Y,Z and K zone. K zone is more atas, restaurants and cafes. I 'deposited' my hubby at one of the cafes and I went alone to 'war zone Y & Z'. I think it's more effective and efficient to shop on my own!
Got my bags at either Yor Z zone, paiseh, a bit mixed up

4) Shida Night Market - MRT: Taipower Exit 3

I didnt have much time at Shida Night Market. There are a lot of shops selling Korean dresses, tops here. Prices are higher but quality is good.

I bought this cute cropped top with polka dots at about S$10plus? My criteria is 'stricter', I dont want to spend more than S$30 for an item in Taipei, so I didn't really find many items here. =p

Hello Kitty Shop at Taoyuan International Airport

End the post with Hello Kitty!

That's all, folks!

Till my next visit! =)

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