Day 5 at Taipei

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I just recalled I have yet to finish posting my Taipei trip in May. Totally forgot about it until I was browsing my own website. The sad part about growing older.... your memory capacity seems to shrink. I used to 'memorize' my geography textbook while watching TV, and I could still get 'A' for the subject. Now, I have problem remember what I had for dinner yesterday. >.<

Our friends were flying back to Singapore on Day 5, so no more over-ordering of food already. We were just going for quality food at decent portion and lotza of shopping! 

We went to Yonghe at Ximending for breakfast. Notice the hilarious names for the breakfast set, obviously their target market is student group. Wonder whether it really works, coz there was so many people on a weekday morning! 
We couldn't find a seat so we just tabao and quickly settled our breakfast at the bench nearby. I was still bloated from the lunch & dinner on Day 4, so I only ordered the you tiao and soya milk. Hubby got this egg omelette with pork floss. 

Frankly, I find the breakfast at Yong He is over-rated, pretty normal mah... I still preferred my charcoal grilled soya milk any time.
Hello Kitty!
Yeah, we were on the MRT to Maokong Gondola, which is conveniently located beside Taipei Zoo MRT Station. In fact, most people planned the itinerary to visit both the Zoo and Maokong on the same day. I skipped the Zoo as I seriously needed more time for shopping. Keke
Photo Spots!
Even the toilet entrance also has Hello Kitty
Cute Hello Kitty Cabins
We paid for the crystal aka Hello Kitty cabins. Pricing is the same as normal ones, just that you need to wait slightly longer, as there is only 1 crystal cabin to every 3 or 4 normal ones.
Scenery along the way up the mountain to our destination....

Well, other than the cable car and its station, nothing here at Maokong says Hello Kitty... For a HK fan like myself, I'm just a sucker at any HK stuff, no matter how insignificant it is... =p
Maokong is basically at the top of the hill/ mountain where there's lot of tea themed cafes. In fact too many which left us quite confused where to go. But if you are a tea person, this is where you should come and immerse yourself in it!
We settled for this modern looking cafe to just R&R, while doing people watching.

Ordered some desserts to share. The ice-cream here were mostly tea flavoured, the tea fragrance was not too overwhelming and sound totally healthy to indulge for more!
After dessert, we walked up the mountain trail and decided that there was nothing interesting to us and en-route back toward the station. Along the way, I stopped by this typical teahouse as the Chinese tea fragrance was so strong that I just had to stop to have a pot of it.
We ordered a plate of 小菜 to go along with it. The tie guang yin was rather light, I think it smelt better than it tasted but the dish was quite tasty. I would have loved to have my dinner there at Maokong as the dishes look interesting which are cooked with tea leaves, but I already had dinner plans so got to give it a miss.


I was rather excited for the dinner on Day 5 as I had planned for my favourite lu ruo fan and the long awaited Ning Xia Night Market.

Address: 台北市重慶北路二段9、11號
Direction: Zhongshan Station (exit 2), walk toward Nanjing West Road (very near to Ning Xia Night Market)

If you like lu ruo fan, you must really come & try this! It's far far far better than Formosa.
And the price is so cheap! It's ridiculously priced at approximately NT20/30 for 1 bowl, you can have as many bowls as you like!
Packed with locals and tourists. In fact, I would say mostly locals... follow the locals, you cant go very wrong!
Our simple yet super delicious dinner for about 100 NT?

We couldn't order more as we were going for night market food, highly recommended by my taxi driver when we came for wedding shots. I missed it the last time as our schedule was too packed, so I made it a point to visit this night market by hook or by crook! 
Ning Xia Night Market

I don't know what's good here, but since they are all established brand, according to my taxi driver, all are at least 50 year history, I just bought anything that looked appealing. 
Came with many flavours
Bigger than my palm!
Must Order : Fried Crispy Cuttlefish 

The cuttlefish was crispy on the outside while the meat was very q. I took a while to finish this as hubby dont eat sotong. Yet, the cuttlefish remained crispy. I really like this.

Anyone in Singapore looking at franchising? Please consider to bring this over and I will be your die-hard fan. Swear.

Super big mochi with peanut filling

Must Order : Mochi Ice Shaving 
Have you tried hot mochi with sesame/peanut ice shavings?

The tennis ball size mochi was cut up into quarters and buried in the ice shaving. which was dusted generously with sesame and peanuts powder. The hot and cold contrast totally blew my mind away! I have never eaten anything like this before! Needless to say, the mochi was super q as well. Double thumb up!

Sweet Potato or Yam Balls

The queue for this was winding lor and being a true blue Singaporean, we recognized a queue and so we must queue even though we didnt know what it was at first. Haha

We ordered 1 each but then I was not really impressed by the balls. Kinda oily taste and I couldn't even finished them. For the food adventurers , I will still encourage you to try since taste is very individuals and the fact is many locals like them and buying in large quantities. 
Have you seen anyone cooking with hair dryer??

Must Order :  Pepper Prawns

I ordered the garlic prawn and yes, they are not just selling pepper prawns, even though the name states as such. I tabao back to hotel so that I can use my hands to eat in comfort. There was at least 10 prawns in one serving, which was a lot for NT300. The prawns were succulent, meaty and fingers licking good, damn shiok lor. 

I definitely rank Ning Xia Night Market as my favourite food night market although there isnt much shopping there. If you prefer a good mix of shopping & food, then I guess Shilin and Ruohe will make a better choice. If you have the time in the world, visit all three! =)

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