Quincy Hotel

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Finally the Quincy staycation post, like after 3 weeks later =p

We reached the hotel and checked in about 2pm. While we were queuing, we were being served this citrus cooling drink which was a really nice gesture. 

Welcome drink

Nice small lobby area
Spacious room

Electronic blind! Cool!

Just look for the switch at the bedside table. At first I thought no blinds, gave me a shock. I actually went next door and asked the housekeeper who happened to be there. She must be thinking what a 'mountain turtle' I was.
Molton Brown Toiletries

Dont play play, branded toiletries lor.  As a typical Singaporean, I 'tabao' them home lah. Keke
Nespresso machine

We dont drink coffee, so we 'tabao' the capsules home for friend. 讲义气 ok? LOL
Free bottle of red wine, yet to open till now!
Free flow beverages

I was starving, and off we went to enjoy the 'all day light refreshment'. I skipped lunch coz I assumed lunch will be provided. BUT....
 One & only dining area at ground level

To my 'horror'... the only food available was really light refreshment!!!

There is dedicated timing for lunch ( 12 - 2pm) & dinner (6 - 8pm) where a slightly more variety is offered. Other than that, the 'all day light refreshment' is merely cakes & pastries from Dean & Deluca, drinks and ice-cream from the dispenser. 

Please do reconfirm the timing with the staff, timing is not written in the website nor the welcome letter. Dunno why they are so 'secretive' about it. *Shrugged*

Not a very satisfying meal, I say. =(
nuts and cookies
soft serve dispenser
At 3pm, we went for our art-jam activity beside the pool. Before you scroll further, please do not judge my art ability. Art is very subjective.

To my art teacher.... SORRY!! >.<
The drawing we selected as the girl looked evil and notti. Hahaha
Jiang, Jiang..... nice ma??
The facilitator still commented that this was a good effort. She was simply too kind. Hahaha
Gym at the same level as the pool

As I was still hungry after the art jam activity, we walked to Far East Plaza to get a quick bite. Jia lat hor...
Dinner was nothing fanciful, just fried rice, pasta and chicken and the 'light refreshment'.
There was free flow alcoholic drinks during dinner...

More dinner spread...
To be honest, the chicken was not too bad. Then again, maybe there was because it was the only hot meat food available.

There was movie screening at 9pm at the pool area. Just us and another couple watching the movie and some hotel guests using the pool. Rio 2 was screened which was quite entertaining and there was free flow chips, popcorn and drinks. 

And guess what, we witnessed a proposal after the movie! The guy suddenly disappeared at the tail end of the movie and re-appeared with a bouquet of flowers. He was kneeing down and whispering to the gal. Aiya, quite obvious to me although I cant really hear what he said. Hahaha... I went up and congratulated them and even offered to take pictures for them lor! Very kpo hor? =p

We didnt know that there was lunch served so by the time we checked out from the room, it was almost 2pm, i.e. end of the lunch time. If I'm not wrong, lunchtime should be from 12 - 2pm, which we were not told when we checked in lor.... Grrrr

Lunch spread was again disappointing, just sandwiches, curry noodles, rainbow cake, salads and mushroom soup.

We spend $341.30 ( after 10% discount) for the staycation. Hmm, I leave it to you to judge whether it's worth it or not.  ~_~

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