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Venue: 31 Ah Hood Road Home TeamNS-JOM
Contact: 6256 1484


Run by the same amazing peeps from Grub, we have now another alfresco dining option to 'fix' our cravings! Unlike Grub, the whole place is open concept, meaning no air con hor. Luckily, we came when it just rained, so least there was still some breeze. =p

The place is just next to the pool, so technically, it's a  pool side dining! Heehee #cheapthrill
Pretty desserts that I have yet to try coz I was too full. Well, saving it for the next visit!
Our brunch looking colourful & chirpy! What a great way to start the date!
Chicken Tikka Naanwich - $10

This is rather an unique item to find in a western cafe's menu. It has Indian nann & chicken tandoori, japanese ramen style runny egg, coupled with marinated cucumber. Oh right, dont forget the cup of nacho with cheese to add on to the intriguing combination. All these for just $10+? Wow.
Brunch Fix - $12  

For the 'conservative' ones, a big breakfast will never go wrong. Thick & soft toast, with creamy scrambled eggs, salad, ham and mushrooms. All you need in just one plate to paste the fulfilling smile on your face!

Donut (Choose from Salted Egg or Lemon Custard dip) - $7

A different version of your normal salted egg bun dim sum. The little donut was served warm and the size was just nice to pop right into the mouth. Very addictive indeed! 

I dont know whether it will taste as nice when leave to cool. But.... but, why should you not gobble it down huh? Keke
Coconut Butterscotch Milkshake - $4 (originally $7)
It was a 'mistake' to order the milkshake lah... tasted like super gao vanilla milkshake! It's not that it's not nice, but after having a super filling brunch, it was so hard to finish the beverage. But if you have a huge appetite, you add need to add on $4, instead of the usual price, when you order a main. 
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